Angelina Jolie Breastfeeding Photos

WTF? Brad Pitt took photos of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding and that shit is making the cover of “W” magazine.

In November the magazine will run a feature on Brad Pitt and Angie. The cover will feature home photos taken by Pitt as she nursed Vivienne and Knox. The family was recovering at their South of France Chateau Miraval. The photos were taken in August, just one month after their birth. A total of 21 photos were taken and they plan on using them all.

“Insiders who have seen the images reveal: ‘Angelina posed for Brad [Pitt] in one of the photos while breast-feeding. The photos are amazing,’ tells the source, adding: ‘It’s really beautiful and tastefully done.’“

What? There is nothing beautiful about cracked nipples and a skinny bitch who looks like she wandered out of Auschwitz. I mean great for her breastfeeding. It’s great for the babies and all that jazz, but I don’t want to see that shiz.


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