Survivor: Gabon, Marcus Penis Flash Photo

Apparently I have been living under a rock and just now got the news flash that there was a penis flash on Survivor. I never watched the show, but if there is going to be wieners flopping about I am suddenly interested.

CBS failed to censor contestant Marcus’ accidental flash. While running during an immunity challenge it popped out and of course dirty perverts across the world saw it. For all you curious and those who plan on “accidentally” looking…the photo is after the jump.


[Ohlala Mag]

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  • Anonymous

    Do they always have to strip down to their undies? Can’t they wear their shorts? Or pant? For

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  • dora glasberg

    The end of civilization as we know it,

  • Anonymous

    So beautiful. I love a nice floppy cock flopping out of someones shorts. and a response to the first response. No they dont have to wear shorts…they look just fine with their bulges in their underwear.

  • Cherry Valley

    OMG, I’ll bet its a big one cause he is tall and lean and has big feet. I’d swollow him and his…

  • Elfed

    What a tiny tim !! Welsh c*ck is bigger!

  • John

    Does that have to be controvertial? You didn’t even see it from a far when I watched it so what the fuss… I guess the PTC people had to magnify the picture to make it a big deal… You’re in the wilds for pete’s sake…

  • Shadowcat


  • me

    I think that is such a turn on! oh la la