Leighton Meester Born in Jail- Confirmed

Info on the Federal Bureau of Prison’s website ha surfaced that confirms Constance Haas Meester was in jail during the birth of Leghton Meester. Her birth date is listed as April 9, 1986 and Constance release dates wasn’t until November 20th of 1986.

Just FYI….Constance was not sitting in a cell biting on a shoe and popping out Leighton. She actually gave birth in a half way house. She was in the clink for trafficking marijuana from Jamaica into the United States. Mother and baby Leighton stayed in the half way house together for 3 months before Constance returned to her cell.


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  • http://www.bruceperlowin.com Bruceper

    Big deal Leighton Meesters mom was in prison for marijuana smuggling. The majority of the 60′s generation smuggled, sold or used marijuana and besides, what parents do (like daughters in Palin’s case) is somewhat off limits and a personal family matter. I do know a movie is being made about Leighton’s mom’s smuggling adventures so this isn’t a secret or anything. I for one can’t wait to see that movie as it’s an exciting adventurous part of the 60′s generations historical past.

  • Apple

    So what? That doesn’t mean Leighton’s a bad person just ’cause she was born in prison…

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  • Brianna

    I am embarrassed that there are people in this world that actually take pleasure in reading what should be Leighton Meester’s personal information. Does the fact that her mom may have been in prison make Leighton less of a person or a bad actress. NO! It probably has made her a lot stronger and capable of dealing with being a celebrity. Which by the way doesn’t give the press or the public the right to make it any harder. Being an actor/actress is their job, it’s how they make their living and provide for their family it doesn’t give us the right to pry into their lives and take pleasure in their misfortune.

  • VSC Graduate

    Constance Haas Meester was a classmate of mine at Valdosta State College (now known as Valdosta State University) in Valdosta, GA. She sat right next to me in an English Lit class and was nice and talkative. Leighton looks like her. I was aware of the charges pending against her when I met her because I had read about it in our local paper. I even remember where she lived (it is not on Sherwood Drive – it was on Gornto Rd.)I have wondered all these years how her life turned out. I’m glad to see that she put it all behind her.

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  • sodajerk

    Bruceper, have I missed something? What does her mother or this story have to do with the 60s generation? She committed her crime in the 80s, was sentenced in the 80s and Leighton was born in the 80s. If the mother was born in the 60s, that doesn’t make her the 60s generation and certainly not in a sense that links her to the drug culture of then. I’ve noticed in recent years there is an odd stretching of time when it comes to categorising people as whatever generation. Countless young adults born in the mid-80s strangely classify the 80s as ‘their’ time. I was born in the late 70s and unlike them I clearly remember the 80s, but I don’t think of it as ‘my’ time as I was just a kid then. Just like boomers are not “the 40s generation”.