Jamie Lynn Spears Nude Photos Stolen From Wal-Mart

This is just soooo white trash it makes me cringe! Federal and local authorities are hunting for someone trying to peddle 12 photos of Jamie Lynn Spears breastfeeding her newborn daughter Maddie. This is just so sad. The baby daddy Casey Aldridge took some photos of Spears nursing her baby with his digital camera.

Law enforcement officials think that an employee at a Louisiana Wal-mart stole copies. Aldridge dropped the camera off to have prints made. Prints of his famous, half naked baby momma. Sounds like a great idea to me. Jamie Lynn’s left breast and nipple are in some of the pictures.

Jamie Lynn is a minor so selling or buying them even having them in your possession could be a federal offense. It would be a violation of federal laws prohibiting pornography. Some of the missing pictures include Britney Spears holding baby Maddie. Lynne and Jamie Spears around Jamie Lynn’s hospital bed and some shots of Maddie.

What is wrong with these crackers? Get a printer for crying out loud! Going to Wally mart to print pictures! I know! Why would anyone want a picture of JL’s post-pregnancy ta ta shooting out kool-aid flavored mommy milk? Shudder! I hope they catch the perv. Want to bet on how long it takes for Spears to sue Wal-Mart?

[US Magazine]

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  • Sprmcandy

    White trailer park trash, who the fuck cares??

  • james

    ohhh i would love to see the pics of jamie spears

  • david

    The person who broke Federal Law was the person who took the photos, Casey Aldridge.

  • Melissa

    What makes her white trailer park trash and more importantly what makes you any better?

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  • JR

    Yeah, so she’s nursing HER baby and she’s to be protected as a MINOR? Does anyone else have a problem with those facts being CONFLICTED?

    This family gives White Trash a bad name.

  • nanaty

    You people make me sick..why is she white trash just because she had a baby young…let he who is without sin…, if she were a young black girl from the hood, would you get on here and call her “black trash”…hell no you would be called a racist and everyone would be doggin’ you out…give this girl a break, a lot of fathers take pictures of their baby’s mother feeding the child, it is a very precious and tender moment between parents, what is the big deal…and a whole lot of people take photos to be developed at a store…you have the right to believe some ass wont steal them…but you people want to call them trash for something in which THEY were violated…God must look on this Earth at times and see people like you and just shake His head with disgust…try treating other people the way you would want them to treat you in the same situation…

  • ac

    jamie lynne is a minor and it’s a federal law to sell nude pictures of her. So it’s a federal law to have sex with under age girls like palins sweet daughter, humm.

  • Snake Plissken

    It’s simple:

    Jamie Lynn is a stupid slut.

    Why? Simple:

    She’s stupid because she’s got more money than the deity of your choice, yet she couldn’t be bothered to have her baby-daddy wear a condom while he used her. Duh.

    She’s a slut because she let some guy have sex with her and knock her up before she was 18. I mean, Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ, if a nipple pic counts as child porn, then being knocked up at 16 must be worse, right? I mean, am I missing something here?

    But the real pimp-mamma of them all is their mother Lynn. I mean, there’s just no other way to describe it. She’s not a mother, she’s a pimp, whoring out her daughters to Disney, Nickelodeon, and record labels.

    She’s all but gone around screaming to strangers: “Look at my underage daughters’ tits and asses for money!! Fifteen bucks to see them on a CD cover, $150 to see them live! Nice tits, slutty outfits, sleazy chicks — COME GET ‘EM!!”

    And then the pimp-mamma is shocked — SHOCKED! — when Jamie Lynn turns up preggers after LIVING with the guy who knocked her up IN HER OWN HOME.

    Big friggin’ shock that both the girls are neurotic as hell. With a mom like that, no court in the land would convict either of the girls if they killed the bitch — painfully and slowly.

    In a sane country, child protective services would take Jamie Lynn to real parents and then throw both Lynn and the baby-daddy in jail — where they belong.

    “White trash” doesn’t begin to describe this mess.

    And for the record, if the family were black and from the ‘hood, I wouldn’t call them “white trash.” I’d call them “ghetto trash” because that’s what they’d be.

  • Cheryl

    Why would such a high profile person take those pictures to Wal-Mart. I would think that they were begging for something like this to happen. Too weird!!

  • caroline

    I think that thats is just so wrong sowhat shes feeding her baby big deal. you people are soooooo gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    wow u guys we all know she is hot but seriosly it is just a fucking picture chill and yeah she is just feeding her baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://? emily

    i wish you people would just leave these girls alone. so what , she’s breastfeeding, even you are going get preagent someday. whf!

  • francisco

    jamie continua cosi (the time is now) il tempo è ora per divertirsi e non me ne parlare io il profilattico lo uso solo per farci i gavettoni, ma comunque se ero io al posto tuo mi davo una regolata comunque scopa che fa bene come dico io scopare disinfetta!!!!!!!!

  • shane stuebing

    jamie is a big slut.she is whit trash, and that wasent racy of me cuz im white to. she shouldent be to poor to buy condems,shes a joke.

  • Cody

    I don’t think the feds should get involved at all.. She is dumb enough to send those pics to wal mart, she is old enough to spread her legs, she is old enough to have a baby, she should not be protected by the government..

    It makes no sense, she is old enough to decide to have sex, she is old enough to take responsibility and raise a baby, she should be old enough to admit she messed up, and take what ever happens, not trying to get someone arrest because her and her boyfriend, baby’s daddy, sex toy what ever he is, are idiots.

  • Federline

    I do not believe that a mere breasy would hold up to the standard for child pornography – I believe Brooke Shields and Jodie Foster had nude appearances before they were 16 and also breastfeeding itself has ben deemed to not be sexual in any way that’s why women can do it in public.

  • lameo 22

    um i believe it’s called hood rat not “black trash”

  • Channy C

    Why would this Slut be protected under Federal Law?? She knew how to fcuk and get pregnant! didnt she know that there is something called “condom” to avoid getting pregnant?? probably she was just too horny and in a rush to get casey’s thing inside of her!!! I don’t know why you guys still support this slut! She a BAD role model to kids and zoey 101 MUST be banned!!!!!!!

  • http://allieiswired charles h

    channy c zoey 101 rocks you sluty bitch

  • pz

    coño por ke no hay
    comentario en español

  • http://l. m n


  • Nyb

    The guy probably stole them for money.

  • the truth

    thats not a nude you dum ass go online and type in nude pics and learn you D/A

  • http://nudephoto missy

    i miss you and you got bigger not fat like tall [:

  • bitchplease

    She is a minor? Sure but not a minor to have sex and get pregnant. Bitches please!!