Christina Aguilera Admits Addiction, Cheating on Hubby?

Christina Aguilera may or may not be cheating on her husband, Jordan Bratman. She was photographed grinding on some random guys, one of which is a 10.2 on my gaydar, at Roosevelt. Jordan was not seen at the club while Aguilera rubbed her lycra mess on several other guys.

Meanwhile, her obvious addiction to makeup has been ruining red carpet looks for years. She is naturally a pretty girl and just covers herself with enough foundation to make Tammy Faye weep. In Life and Style Magazine sources close to the star squeal that she spends every moment in makeup and demands layers of foundation and shadows.

“Christina barely gives her pores a chance to breathe. Her makeup team will be done, and she’ll look great, but she’ll see herself in the mirror and say ‘More!’ She’s not happy until you can write your initials in it!”

If dancing with another man is cheating than I may have cheated 6 times last weekend while at wedding doing the hokey pokey, chicken dance and electric slide. And once at Taco Bell on the way home after drinking a little too much. It wasn’t my fault. Any establishment that is still willing to rock “Turn the Beat Around” is bound to expect free style dancing while waiting for gorditas to be stuffed. Imagine Phoebe from Friends running….that is how I get my swerve on.

[Post Chronicle] Photos via X17

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