Celebrity Demands at the 2008 MTV VMA’s

To be a celebrity…ahhh. It must be nice to have minions to adhere to your every request.

At this year’s Britney Spears Pity Party….er…. 2008 MTV Video Music Awards the young hot Hollywood reigned supreme. The celebrity demands in order to perform at the show where pretty average. MTV met every request, no one refused to go on without their years supply of Kashi and 12 virgins.

The Jonas Brothers required- apple juice at room temperature, 8 Red Bull (Sugar Free), 6 Red Bull (Regular) and 24 Pieces of California sushi rolls

Christina Aguilera demanded- 4 black bath towels, dressing room filled with vanilla scented candles, two bottles of Verve Clique champagne and a space heater.

Rihanna must have- Trish McEvoy blueberry candles, roasted jerk chicken, and Buffalo wings. The girl was hungry.

Kid Rock simply wanted- Chap Stick, low fat raspberry yogurt and white crew socks.

I pretend to be Heidi Klum every time I get a pedicure and think to myself,… ‘rub my piggies bitch!’ I know it is shallow and weird, but at least I am not demanding a shrine to be made in my honor and buckets of glitter to be exploded from cannons when I enter the salon. Plus I am a good tipper.


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