Solange Knowles is a Total Bitch

Solange Knowles sure doesn’t have the class that Beyonce does. B has that natural talent to switch from diva to human being with the snap of a finger. Poor in the shadows Solange fails to convey that ability.

Lil’ Knowles went on a Las Vegas show called “More” to pimp her new attempt at a musical career. In effort to separate her name from Beyonce, media outlets are banned from even saying her name or asking questions that could possible relate to her more famous sibling. Egads. This is a family therapist’s wet dream.

To further the bitchiness, Solange was on the aforementioned show that was highlighting her album “Sol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams” when she about cut the anchor interviewing her. Before the cameras started rolling she was asked about Jay-Z;s club 40/40 closing . Then as cameras went live and the anchor started in on her intro, Solange tried to pull a Tyra and started to bitch complete with head bobble and finger waving.

“I have to say, that was not a very professional introduction before. Please don’t tie me into family and my brother-in-law’s establishment.”

Then to make her look like a total asshat, the anchor started to apologize and tried to figure out what the hell she was yammering about, a producer chimed in stating that:

“That wasn’t live, Solange. That wasn’t on [live] TV.”

Where is Dina Lohan to try and wrangle her? Then her posse furthered the issue by stating she is a spoiled brat and her label doesn’t even try to get her to work on media skills.

“A source close to Solange told Pop Tarts that the songstress hasn’t really had any media training, is “coddled” by her label and is spoiled to the point that she gets whatever she wants.”

She was probably just pissed the craft services table was out of jelly donuts.


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