Lindsay Lohan to Declare Lesbian Love and Get Married


Lindsey Lohan has finally come out of the closet. There probably wasn’t a whole lot of room in there with Tom Cruise taking up so much space. It is said that Lins and long time “good friend” Sam Ronson the part time DJ are getting hitched. I know! Don’t you think it is about time?

“They’ve been keeping the relationship quiet for months and trying to pass each other off as just good friends,” said a Lindsay Lohan source. But they’ve decided it isn’t a fling, it’s for life – so they want to make their romance public. Dina is still working on the date of the party but it’s looking like towards the end of the year.”

Lindsay’s mom Dina Lohan is said to be thrilled and busy getting wedding planned. But first Dian is organizing a “welcome to the family” party. A big lavish get together with drinks and canapés for family and friends.


Well Lindsay knows how to grab a headline and ride it to death. If you don’t get attention with your acting or good works I guess some press is better than no press. Lohan peaked at 11 with The Parent Trap for Disney since then her acting ‘talent’ has been non-existent just like her good taste and class. If you are looking for gift ideas for the happy couple [and who isn't?] I am sure they are registered for Winston Lights and Peach Snapple.


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