Miley Cyrus Shower Photos HERE


Miley will not be outdone by Angelina Jolie’s twins! To trump the new Messiahs, Miley Cyrus Shower photos have surfaced.

These are supposedly photos Miley sent to Nick Jonas. They were leaked by a hacker according to the story. More photos are out there according to the hacker. He/she claims they are “way worse” and are currently shopping the Miley Cyrus nude photos.

According to the pervert, Miley has dozens of emails to about their sex adventures. The photos are also date stamped with 10/27/07. A date which would coincide with her rumored relationship with the Nick Jonas.


She sent the wet t-shirt photos in effort to seduce Nick. In one photo she is wearing a “Nick J” necklace. He is the youngest of the Jonas Brother tribe.

UPDATE (Allie): Miley Cyrus Nude Photo Surfaces, I told you!

[OH NO!]

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??? | July 13th, 2008

what the hell??
youre a lovely girl dnt rewin ur image?
we dont wnt to c u in the shower

ard | July 13th, 2008


Liz | July 13th, 2008

She looks WAY too much like Billy Ray in that wet shirt pic.

See, this is the problem with girls flaunting their sexuality before they really understand the implications. She’s in the public eye, which makes it that much worse. Somebody put a leash on that girl.

? (: | July 13th, 2008




Olai | July 14th, 2008

i wanna see her in tha shower jesus christ! she is so damn hot and all of you should be ashamed!!!!!!

Maggi | July 14th, 2008

OMG. ;/

eol | July 14th, 2008

She’s young, she’s in love she’s alowed to do some foolish things without being called names

k; | July 14th, 2008

Gr! You can’t even see anything! Big freaking deal…

kjh | July 14th, 2008

show more

Rach | July 14th, 2008

Come on, shes hardly a slut! Leave her alone, who cares like

mrs. joe jonas | July 14th, 2008

She Is FREAKING NUTS! u would have to b an ideit 2 do that

bitch | July 14th, 2008

this girl is damm hot..i wud do anything for sex with this girl…shove it in her ass make that bitch scream out load baby

[...] her iPhone and picking up on that whole wet t-shirt trend to the right and, according to alleged time stamps, they were taken in October 2007, meaning Miley had yet to blow out her 15th birthday candle. [...]

just me | July 14th, 2008

the pic is a fake. i’ve seen the pic that has face was photoshopped from to put on this girls body

Mr. J | July 14th, 2008

Idiot. Time for her “career” to end.

(: | July 14th, 2008

in the wet t-shirt pic you can tell that there is nothing under the shirt. there’s no bra strap showing in her back, and there’s no underwear or thong line. the bra and the underwear should be seen under a white, wet shirt.