Miley Cyrus Nude Photo – See Here

Miley Cyrus Nude Photo - 1
Reportedly, this is Miley Cyrus nude. I’m not sure if it’s the same nude photo that is reportedly being shopped around by some hacker.

The photo was emailed to me, but I am not able to verify it’s authenticity — it does look like her. If this is indeed Miley, she’s topless and it’s a real shame.

There will not be an uncensored version of this image released by us, she’s 15 people!!

source: [allie's email]

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  • carly

    i hate miley cyrus… but i know that is not frickin her.

  • Anonymous

    I’m VERY doubtful that’s Miley Cyrus. It barely looks like her…

  • Aussiegirl

    That is not Miley.No way in hell.

  • Uhm

    Sorry, that’s not her. It dosen’t even look like her.

  • Anonymous

    that doesn’t even look lke her.. like at all.

  • somebody

    Thats not her ok she’s way hotter

  • http://mail.com dignelys mena

    that ia not miley i am sorry but that is not her their is no way that it is her she is not that crazy.

  • http://glittergirl736.piczo.com vicky

    dude are you losing it thats not even her. Did you here miley was caught smoking its true search it on youtube

  • sa

    that doesnt even look like her

  • Nic

    This actually looks like a girl I went to high school with.

  • Tina

    That’s not her. It doesn’t even look like her.

  • anon

    i have a version of this that doesn’t have a star on it…also a side by side of a the girl who it really is…fake picture is fake

  • Krum

    This photo came out a few months ago…it was taken off a well-known “Miley Poser’s” MySpace page, it is definitely not Miley.

  • http://www.youtube.com/dophie16 Sophie

    how can u even think that looks like miley
    and besides who r u to take pictures of miley without her permission or even put them on the net if ur just sent them!!! its so wrong haking her phone. how would you like it

  • Paige

    Not Miley

  • Jen

    This pic so does’nt look like Miley

  • Lesley

    thats so not her..
    people are dumb and need to leave her alone!

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  • Anon

    This photo is very old. It circulated over 4-5 months ago on one of the popular imageboards purportedly as Miley Cyrus, but it was revealed about a month later to be some random 19 y/o girl who looks somewhat similar.

    The white shirt photo is real. The pouty photos in bathing suit / t-shirt are real. This is not real.

    If the rest of the world lurked the depths of the internet as much as the geeks do, people would know things like this and not spread rumors.

  • Anonymous

    This photo isnt real, there is another one of this same girl with a better view and in that one, its obvious it isnt her.

    They do look similiar, but this photo has been around for at least a month

  • jamie

    trust me, that’s not her

  • Red Sky

    Hard to tell who is the real “Miley Cyrus.”