Miley Cyrus Fully Nude for Movie


After all the hoopla surrounding her constant leaks of shower photos and topless photos, I am not surprised Miley Cyrus is going nude for a movie. She is pulling a Harry Potter. You know…trying to shed the little kid stereotype by stripping down. Daniel Radcliff might be stuck with a wizard label, but he is a naked wizard man.

Cyrus scored a role as the lead character in “Undiscovered Gyrl.” The film is based on Allison Burnett’s new novel. Rumors of a nude scene have begun to swirl already. Our “sources” reveal that Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Aniston are in “talks” about a new movie. Jennifer would play the mother of a teenage rock star. Aniston is reportedly having her people write the script and Miley is already keen on the idea.

“It is still early days, but Miley is really interested in the film, which follows the story of a lovable, lost suburban girl who descends into a life of reckless partying and promiscuity. If she does get the part, you will be seeing a lot more of her than you did in the Vanity Fair photos – there would definitely be nude scenes.”

Hannah Montana will soon be an idol of the past. Tween idols have a very brief shelf life. It is like the kid from Jerry Maguire growing up and talking politics instead of his neighbors’ rabbits. During interviews Miley thumps on her Bible while simultaneously taking her top off for Vanity Fair and the Jonas Brothers. She boasted about a purity ring that symbolizes her dedication to virginity, but doesn’t this all seem reminiscent of Britney Spears swearing she is a virgin while riding Justin Timberlake around like a miniature pony?

At the rate this kid is going she will be sobbing into a bag of Cheetohs on a street corner with a headless parrot while singing for some cash before her 18th birthday.

[Female First]

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  • http://www.stagesamurai.blogspot.com SS

    I don’t see any nudity. Miley is a decent hardworking kid and hasn’t done anything any other teenager doesn’t do…good for her for living like any teen would.

  • Anonymous

    shes just doing wat anyother tennager would do >>LEAVE HER ALON PPL

  • http://yahoo.com mya ross

    she should be ashamed of herself!!!! your just 15 or 16. How can u be a role model for young girls possin as a slut.. my sisters aren’t watchn her show any more. and disney should really think about taking her off. She’s going to ruin them..

  • Anonymous


  • kelsey

    SS is right, I dont see any nudity and shes just having fun….any other teen would do the same thing…just leave her alone. If shes going to ruin anyones life, its going to be her own dont worry about what she does.

  • taylor

    Ok I am missing the old sweet inisint miley!Shes just not a good role model anymore.Turn her into the sweet selena and demi girls!

  • http://allieiswired.com Stephy-

    Honestly, o dont see any nudity. At least she is not naked. but i do agree, she is becoming a bad role model for younger girls. i like her, but not as i used too.

  • http://bellah-halle.livejournal.com/ Herman Bumfudle

    everyone is entitled to their gratuitous private moments, and its really none of your business. but miley nude in a movie scene because of her private photos. that would be as gratuitous as halle berry getting dicked by billy bob thornton.

  • becca

    i love miley and all she has an amazing voice and is very talented but she is throwing herself away by doing things like this… i no she is a tennager and is going to make mistakes just like any other 15 year old but shouldn’t she also learn from the ones she has already made. I think that if she would stop trying to change herself to get an older audience it will ecnetually happen but at the rate she is going she isn’t gonna have any fans xx

  • taylor

    im sorry to say this , but this really doesnt surprise me. she says everyone makes mistakes and that she hopes she can be forgiven. but im done forgiving her. noone makes the same mistakes back to back over and over again. i fell sorry for her and her family. oh ya that reminds me i cant believe her parents let miley cyrus’ brother … singer of metrostation… get that many tattoos gross.

  • Maya

    Why is everyone so mean? When you guys were 15, I bet you guys did things like that too. Was this shower photo intended for the public? I don’t think so. She’s doing whatever she can in this business.

  • http://yahoo.com mya ross

    i see what everyone is sayn….but look at what she is doin…she has a wet t on who n there rite mine would support this…she is 15…n so am i..not say i haven’t done wrong..but ppl come on…her fans are little girls 5 n up..do u really want ur daughters to be doin what she is at her age…i damn sure don’t. n she should jus make good music her age n u kno others would like

  • desiree

    i d0NT kN0 WHUTz WR0Nq WiD dHAT GURl…iS ShE AN0ThA LiNDSWEY l0hAN?? [h0PE NOT]

  • Kitty

    Where the hell are her parents in all this?!?!?! I never did this stuff when i was 15! I agree with anyone who says shes STUPID! She is setting a horrible example for girls from 5-13. Girls are so pressured these days to be sluts like Miley… so sad. She is throwing everything good down the drain. She is NOT sorry for anything shes done otherwise she wouldnt do it anymore. I garuntee shell be pregnant by 18-most likely sooner. So shutup everyone who supports this slut!

  • http://yahoo.com lexas

    i think if miley want to bea roe model for kids then she should STOP taking half naked pictures of herself! i mean its okay to take pictures of yourself were ALL at that age. even me nw and themi take pix of myself but i neer pull my shirt up or anything like that its kinda ludicris. and i agree with kitty WERE ARE HER PARENTS??? just watch shes gonna end up like lisdsey lohahn. no offense to her.

  • http://yahoo.com lexas

    i think if miley want to bea roe model for kids then she should STOP taking half naked pictures of herself! i mean its okay to take pictures of yourself were ALL at that age. even me nw and themi take pix of myself but i neer pull my shirt up or anything like that its kinda ludicris.

  • Andrew

    so sexy

  • http://comcast.net tom

    Theres no nuidity whoever posted this is a fraud

  • Anonymous

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  • http://nickjr linsey

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  • billy

    Miley i think u are the most beautiful women in the world,and i don’think you are as bad as everyone says.Ilove you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray

    I think u should be like Vanessa Hudgens and strip for us.If u do i will love you forever.<3<3<3

  • J.J.

    Miley i really love you,and i really really really want to see you naked, be like Vanessa Hudgens and pose for the camera naked.(FOR REAL, NO CLOTHES)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chelsea

    i think miley is stupid 4 showing pics of herself half nude, i h8 miley.if she thinks she is a role model she is totly rong shes the oposite. she shud think about her fans i mean most of her fans would be devistated if the looked at these fotos especialy 4 her younger fans they would be looking up 2 her as a role modle

  • LeaveHerAlone

    hey as of u havent wanted ur girlfriend or boyfriend to strip like miley does and some r just bikinis so its like ur sayin every girl that puts a pic on facebook of atrip to the beach r sluts

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