Lily Cole Does Walk of Shame from Jude Law’s


Jude Law, 36, is a dog, a lucky dog that is. The beautiful Lily Cole, who is a mere 20 years old, is the latest female to share his bed. Law the father of four, yes four kids has been seen out and about several times together. They made an appearence at a concert followed by Cole doing the walk of shame after spending the night. For those of us who have no idea who the hell Cole is let me enlighten you, she is the face for Marks & Spencer’s and Accessorize. Cole was also nominated for ‘Model of the Year’ for the second time in a row which she didn’t win. Now you know.


Law was also romancing Kimberly Stewart, 28, the daughter of Rod Stewart and Alana Stewart. Law and Stewart were seen getting cozy in the VIP area of Club 195 in England.

‘Kim’s a savvy girl. She knows her and Jude were never going to be a serious long-term thing,’ the source tells us. ‘But she loved his company and they really seemed to hit it off when they got together last month.’

‘They had a great time and she got the impression that he enjoyed himself as well so she gave him a buzz to see if he was up for meeting again,’ the source adds

Law relationships are usually rocky and messy. So this should be good, Law was married to Sadie Frost in 2003 that ended in a vicious divorce. His engagement to Sienna Miller ended in 2006 after he was caught cheating with the nanny how cliché. So anyone dating Law should be aware of his track record. I personally don’t understand the appeal of Jude. What is so great about his receding hairline and scrawny body. When Kimberly Stewart is begging the man for a date and he is bagging models left and right….. he must have crack flavored nipples.  


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