John Mayer Sex Tape Eminent


Apparently sex with John Mayer is so terrible that one fling with the current boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston will cease to enjoy his music and leave you feeling nauseous.

“I might have hooked up with people, but as soon as we hooked up, they weren’t fans anymore.”

Mayer spilled the beans on his sex life and groupie banging, but insists he will never sleep with a fan again. Ever since the invention of the camera cell phone, he is paranoid a leak of a sex tape or nude Mayer photos will leak to the internet.


“(I haven’t done it) in a really long time – not since the camera phone! I’m not trusting enough to really open up to anybody I don’t know very well anymore.”

The idea of sex with Mayer kinda scares me. I would fear that his insecurities would ruin it. Kinda like a little kid asking for a stick for doing doody in the big boy toliet.

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appalled | May 6th, 2009

the comment “I might have hooked up with people, but as soon as we hooked up, they weren’t fans anymore.” means that he didn’t view them as fans anymore, but as someone he was involved with on another level.. not that they suddenly hated his music. for someone publishing a blog, i would think you would have the comprehension to get that. /eyeroll

john mayer is a talented artist. you just wish you looked as hot, played and sang as well and were as successful.