Elizabeth Hurley Scores Reality Show


Please try to hold down your dinner but there is yet ANOTHER reality show waiting in the wings and this one stars Elizabeth Hurley. Do you remember her? She wore that nasty safety pin dress and Hugh Grant cheated on her with the hooker.

She is taking a page from Paris Hilton of all people and doing a Simple Life type show. In a statement Hurley says that she is going to be showing life at her rural home. Even her husband Arun Hayar was surprised to see her get dirty so this is all for show people.

This farm Hurley owns is considered a “green” farm. Makes it sound like veggies and soy huh? Wrong this is a green meat farm. Yep organic chickens and lamb’s grown for the slaughter. I am interested in how Hurley will handle that.

“I know that people always imagine me with perfect hair and stuck in high heels since I was a child, but that is not who I am, at least not all the time,” Elizabeth said in a statement. The beauty went on, “Even my husband got a surprise the first time that he saw me in the country. He found me in some Wellingtons covered in mud, with holes in my jersey, and he thought that I was playing a joke on him. But we English are not as elegant as we seem.”

Thank heavens this will probably be a BBC show and we will not be subjected to it. Sounds a real crap show watching Hurley pretend she is “regular people”. Does anyone remember this woman was accused of paying her NYC maid a whopping $2.50 an hour? When the maid complained about the 7:30 am till 3:00 am hours she was kicked out of Hurley’s home where she lived? Oh yeah we can all believe she is regular people.


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