Denise Richards Accuses Charlie Sheen of Child Molestation


Denise Richards is at it again! Can this woman get any more self centered or vile? Grow up! Richards is now accusing ex-husband Charlie Sheen of child molestation. Who is putting these little girls first in their life? Richards has a tape she claims shows the girls Sam 4 and Lola 3 behaving in a disturbed way with Charlie. But Charlie has his own tape showing the girls acting normally with him. In the hearing in LA Denise and her ‘evidence’ were dismissed.

Denise’s accusations were vile,’ a source tells Page Six. ‘She was basically trying to say Charlie [manipulated] the kids and acted inappropriately with them. It’s disgusting and totally untrue.”

Charlie is hopping mad and is now making plan to fight for full custody of the girls, and is going to sue Richards for defamation of character. Don’t you think this is just a ratings grab for Richards? Her reality It’s Complicated show stinks and is bombing in the ratings so what can she do to save it? Hmm…Let’s think about that?


“She thinks a court battle would be good for ratings so she wants all overnight visits with the girls ceased, and monitored visits with her nanny.” A source close to Richards reports “She invited the media circus to the hearing and even wanted reporters in the judge’s chambers – which wasn’t allowed. It’s ridiculous!”

This just gets even uglier than it was if that is possible. I feel sorry for Sam and Lola maybe they can get together with Shawn Preston and Jayden Spears-Federline and form a self-help group. Children-who-are-used-as-pawns or products PR gone wrong.

I’d love to hear what metaphor Dr. Phil would use to explain this one. I just know it would involve a whore house.  

What Others Said:

D-listed- “At this point, I think the court should do what’s best for the girls and immediately hand them over to a pack of wolves.”

Gabby Babble- “If Denise Richards is falsely accusing the father of her kids of abusing them for the sake of attention or ratings, she really needs some psychiatric help.

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