Sienna Miller’s Love Triangle


Sienna Miller has been a baaaad girl if the rumors are true and they usually are. Miller is in a messy love triangle with much married man Balthazar Getty 33. The disgustingly rich oil dynasty guy yeah that one. The man has four kids with one just eight months old. His wife Rosetta Getty is hopping mad [she must have a bad prenup] and speaking to divorce lawyers already. This is all just a month after dumping odd but loveable Rhys Ifans. Did she forget how if feels to be cheated on? Does the name Jude Law ring any bells?


Now here is where it gets complicated. Getty plays Tommy Walker on the show Brothers and Sisters. He is buds with Matthew Rhys who plays Kevin Walker on the show. Rhys is yet another of Sienna’s exes, he introduced the two love birds in Prague during the filming of GI Joe in May.

A friend reports: “They began meeting in Prague and that was when the chemistry started and he began wooing her. She had a boyfriend and it didn’t immediately turn physical but there was something there.

“This behaviour is typical Sienna. She loves the power of being able to take a man off another woman. An insider confides”At least Rhys Ifans can try to get over it now. He knows she lied to him about Prague so that will make it a bit easier for him to move on.”

Ifans tried to make plans to meet up with Miller in the Czech capital but Miller was too busy {and we know what she was busy doing} to meet. Miller did promise to fly back and meet up.What a cow as if there are no unmarried men in the world.


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