Hey CARROT TOP – Are you in there?

Carrot Top is a nice guy and pretty funny — but when I saw him at the local Gold’s gym here in Las Vegas, he was starting to look “HySTEROIDcal.

Hey CARROT TOP - Are you in there - Photo

I’m sending a photo of him lifting weights, but his face is getting so big, pretty soon he’s going to have to drive up to Dr. Anson’s office to get his face lifted. Those in the know here in Vegas, know Dr. Goesel (pronounced Gazelle) Anson is the best face lifter around, lol. Now that I’ve let that little secret out of the bag you can bet I’ll have to wait 8 months for my next botox shot.

While I’m talking plastics, her partner, Terry Higgins, he’s the guy who does the body work, lol, can start pumping the air out of those big tire arms of Carrot’s with the lypo machine. There goes my plastic surgery connection. I’ll never get another appointment. Oh well. It was worth the laugh!

Carrot, Carrot, what are you thinking? Ed Norton already made the movie THE HULK, get over it! They said “Green” hair not red.

One last thing, well,actually two,

  • 1. Assuming you’re not in a co-ed gym, uh, did some dude take this photo??? No one has ever bothered to ask you if you have a girlfriend, not that there are many women into turnips AND…
  • 2. HELLO BELOW is Carrot wearing anything below the belt? And if not, could we have at least gotten enough of a glimpse to see if the collar and the cuffs matched?

~~ Jackie Carlyle

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  • http://www.jeffersonburruss.com Jefferson

    Would someone please get this guy a reality show deal? Or maybe he can be a guest judge on America’s Top Chef, and the challenge could be carrots. Bwahaha.

  • Charo

    Is he not wearing pants?