Britney Spears Designed Maddie Briann’s Nursery


That is a terrifying thought. Britney Spears, who has recently gotten herself more time with her boys thanks to the court system, went shopping for her niece. She bought over $600 worth of baby goodies at Petit Tresor. She also splurged on a six foot tall bunny toy. Other “sources” claim the giant toy she ordered was an elephant with a blue bow. No matter the breed of animal, she spent a total of $30,000 on furniture for Jamie Lynn’s baby girl.

“A source close to the star said: “Petit Tresor is designing the nursery for Jamie Lynn’s baby. Britney is picking up the tab. She also ordered a custom made, six-foot tall elephant with a blue bow which she wants to sit in the middle of the nursery.”

Elephant with a blue bow? My guess would be that it would be for her boys. Spears was awarded overnight visits by the court earlier this week. Britney and Kevin Federline were also ordered to meet in a neutral area and hammer out the rest of their custody issues. If the issues are not agreed upon in the meeting it will move the case into a full trial. Either way giant elephants and bunnies will be running rampant around Casa de Crazy!

I would have guessed that she would have decorated it with the beeramid she made last weekend, locks of Justin Timberlake’s hair glued onto a Ken doll and empty KFC buckets. But a six foot tall bunny in your room when you are days old…equally as scary.

[China Daily]

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