Victoria Beckham Resurfaces on Ugly Betty



Famous sourpuss Victoria Beckham is all set to return to Ugly Betty. The Posh Spice Girl was on last year as a bridesmaid to Vanessa Williams’ delightfully nasty Wilhelmina Slater. Victoria is slated to be a regular guest spot on the quirky TV show.



A source tells Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald, “The producers are delighted she will return. She is going to feature quite a bit.”

TV is becoming the rehab for foundering careers. Career in the dumper? Had too many bad movies or been a bad boy and ended up in jail or rehab? No problem, do a TV show and all is forgiven. Example Robert Downey Jr. got an Emmy for Ally McBeal and is now a hit movie star again. Britney Spears even got more visitation time with her kids after doing How I Met Your Mother. Lindsey Lohan got more people to see her on Ugly Betty this week than saw that lame film I Know Who Killed Me. Naomi Campbell is even cleaning up her bad girl image using TV. I feel so used.


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