Tori Spelling Joins Jennie Garth on New 90210


Tori Spelling is going to star in the new Beverly Hills 90210. There it is in one sentence the start and death of a show. Come on Tori couldn’t act as Screech’s girl friend in Saved By The Bell and the ten years of over acting on the first 90210 was torture.


Nikki Finke, reports:

“I know there have been lots of rumors to this effect in celebrity mags and infotainment shows. But one of my reliable TV business sources is hearing that Tori Spelling is going to be in the Beverly Hills, 90210 spin-off just picked up by the CW.”

Like there isn’t enough Tori on TV as is. Gag. Come on do we really need to be there every time she breaks a nail? That reality show of hers Tori and Dean, is the stupidiest thing on the telly and that is saying something. Is there no one out there in TV land that can come up with an original idea. Must we rehash everything? With Jennie Garth signing on, we have two of the original cast why not get them all? Then it can be “90210 The Golden Years” or maybe “90210 The Assisted Living Years.”


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