Sarah Jessica Parker Talks About SATC & Being a Fashion Icon

Sarah Jessica Parker Talks About SATC & Being a Fashion Icon - Photo

Sarah Jessica Parker recently sat down with Premiere to discuss the long anticipated “Sex and the City Movie” and being a fashion icon [see picture above].

Does finally making the movie feel like a final destination in a long journey?

It’s very hard to imagine a final destination point for these characters. In some ways the idea of not working with these people again is kind of just too awful to ponder. But this was a remarkable process to get this movie back up and running: it took about a year and a half for me and Michael Patrick [King, the exec producer/director/writer on the TV series and producer/director/writer on the movie]. Just to have had that experience was grand. So honestly, if this is the final destination, what a privilege! And to think beyond this now is a little bit like putting the cart before the horse. It’s extraordinary that we got to do this movie.

How does the term fashion icon sit with you? How do you live with that on a day-to-day basis?

I don’t. It’s really not something I spend a lot of time [contemplating]. I think that’s in large part due to the show and [costume designer Patricia Field]. I begged her to do the show. I begged her to do the movie. She was booked on nine other jobs. It’s really not something that I would feel comfortable commenting on because I think it seems kind of odd. I think it was really born of the character in a lot of ways, and I learned a lot from Pat and I’m still learning from Pat. And so it’s really not the essence of who I am. I don’t think about it. As a working mother, the last thing on my mind when I’m trying to get my kid out of the door in the morning to get him to school on time is how I look.

source: Sarah Jessica Parker on ‘Sex and the City’ [premiere]

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