Rihanna Has Bad Personal Hygiene

Rihanna Has Bad Personal Hygiene

Rihanna fails to take advantage of personal hyginene helpers. How can someone so gorgeous be so icky?

Rihanna Has Bad Personal Hygiene

Really Rihanna… WTF?!

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HGYTG | April 8th, 2008

WOW~~ she is sooo sexy!!!

g.zhen.ning | April 8th, 2008

these pictures make me disgusting!

[...] ? Rihanna has really dirty ears (AIW) [...]

WHAT?!? | April 8th, 2008


celebaddict | April 9th, 2008


J | April 9th, 2008

My grandma used to say that the only thing you’re supposed to stick in your ears is your elbow.

[...] threw up my cream of wheat (yes, it’s delicious and no, I’m not 80) seeing these nasty ass pictures of Rihanna. As you well know, I’m not a fan of Rihanna and her weirdly proportioned head and body. But [...]

NunYa | June 29th, 2008

Why the hell is the camera all in her ears anyway!! Please!! Give the girl a break!

chyna | November 4th, 2008

She’s a freakin’ skank to begin with, so why the heck should anyone be surprised at the fact that her ears look like a dirty toilet at a highway reststop, anyway? I mean, REALLY! I just wonder why this sort of thing hasn’t come out sooner! Ewwwwww! Take a BATH, girl! Sheeeeeesh!

hmm. | November 19th, 2008

so this is whats making entertainment news these days..

jazzie | December 2nd, 2008

And Chris Brown is nibbling on that…ewww he better get all of his shots!!! lol That’s just nasty.

lisa | January 2nd, 2009

theres nothing worst than a bitch with dirty ears!! bathe bitch!!

lisa | January 2nd, 2009

theres nothing worst than a bitch with dirty ears..lmaooo its called q tips bitch!! dirty ass

[...] The “Disturbia” singer was spotted out and on her way to O2 Arena after party for the New Year sporting a lip sore. I am sure it is some sort of lip virus that you get from microphones used by Paris Hilton. Or a lack of concern for personal hygiene. [...]

Kylie | February 4th, 2009

Oh please…cus all of u are super clean right?? U people need 2 get a life instead of sittin there writin shit all day…rih is a million of u lot put 2getha!

Madison | February 9th, 2009

Thats a dirty bitch. She has herpes too.

jaimse lewis | February 21st, 2009

Why did he beat Rhianna

jaimse lewis | February 21st, 2009


matt | February 28th, 2009

thats a good question,since almost nobody saw it,its possible both sides of the story could have been distorted a little,but i saw the pic,someone fucked her up good!

Ozzah | July 1st, 2009

You’re all idiots – everyone has ear wax, it’s perfectly natural. Her ears look clean; cleaner than mine, and I wash every day.
Maybe instead of looking at Rihanna’s ears, you could instead study something and help make the world a better place.

pissed off | September 28th, 2009

get a grip all ov u slaggin her off.. jealousy gets u no wher..

hott and clean | March 2nd, 2010

i really liked RIHANNA but she is doty astink mucky groos bitch she looked clean on the camera but this is vigrancy

hott and clean | March 2nd, 2010

does rihanna bath cuase it aint look right she needs a q tip tooth brush a towel some real soap and a scrubin brush in her bath room i sure she does pee bed and she does smell like 2two

[...] Rihanna has some serious nasty ear wax. Sick and wrong, and I’m hoping someone photoshopped that in – Allie Is Wired [...]