Miley Cyrus Flashes a Boob – Photos

Miley Cyrus Flashes a Boob - Photo - 1

Still think Miley Cyrus is all sweet and innocent?

Not long ago, I posted some rather risky photos of Miley — I said it was only a matter of time before the nudes surfaced. I still stand by those comments.

Miley Cyrus Flashes a Boob - Photo - 2

Miley Cyrus Flashes a Boob - Photo - 3

Were these pictures taken in her bedroom? Who is that dude laying with her — is it her boyfriend? I’m beginning to think that Disney is a promoter of teen pregnancy.

UPDATE: For the record, Miley has ADMITTED that these are HER photos!

“The pictures of me on the Internet were silly, inappropriate shots. I appreciate all the support of my fans, and hope they understand that along the way I am going to make mistakes and I am not perfect.”

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  • http://www.liuzzifedunstudios.com Ian Liuzzi-Fedun

    What the fuck does it matter what she dresses like. Pictures like these and almost worse are all over myspace and facebook of countless other teen girls. Should Miley be any different. Let her have a life

  • http://www.liuzzifedunstudios.com Ian Liuzzi-Fedun

    What does it matter what she wears. Girls all over myspace and facebook wear less sometimes and are in bathing suits all the time. Let her live like everyone else.

  • Daniella

    SHE IS 15!!
    if you look on myspace/facebook/nexopia etc. there are even younger girls posting pictures of themselves like that online.

    She is a way better role model then Britney Spears or Jamie Lynn Spears LIKE SHE’S NOT PREGNANT.

    and the “nude” picture of her is NOT HER AT ALL!!
    my god there are people who are such posers.

    Like im not a big fan of her but I do like her music and shit and shes a good role model.


  • wyatt hines

    how is she a slut shes 16 and she acts like 16 year old,,,,shes with her boyfriend and that makes her a slut…..you guys are retarded

  • brittany

    miley is awesome and i think its stupid how everyone is making a big deal outta this girls do worst then this everyday

  • Anonymous

    she’s 15. fucking peds

  • yshos

    disney sux ass

  • lisa

    i wish sumthing bad will happen to her and she got fat

  • tony mell

    have people forgot she is a teenager and that is what kids do .the photos are not that bad (no nudephotos). and some people need to remember she is still a minor. she ain’t hot, shes a kid

  • Jake Mcmann

    hi and miley is so sexy!!!

  • susan.

    first of all the second picture doesnt even look like her. second of all. OMG freak out you can see her bra, you can see my grandmas bra sometimes too.. but you dont hear people callng her a slut! && lastly she is TEENAGE girl wtf cares if she is cuddlinng with guy

    GROW UP!!!

  • alyson

    what are u guys saying shes a celebrity there bored they’re supposed to be like that

  • http://allieiswierd.com unknown

    miley stop making a fool out of yourself its just making a bigger problem. whats gotten into you latly i dont know who you are anymore. you are a self centered whore

    P.S i think your a mental freak who is a slut

  • tyj

    lmfao i already knew from day 1 she was a slutty whore

  • B

    The only reason why people are getting mad at her, is because of her photos, and people seeing her pretty much everywhere.. Im sure girls all around the world are getting influenced by them, if they’ve seen it. Im sure people don’t want them to see it, because her photos aren’t much of a good influence if you ask me. Im sure alot of teen girls her age are taking pictures like that, but the only reason why she’s the person who’s getting yelled at by haters, is because she’s obviously famous. she is the one person who is influencing girls her age or even younger to do the same. It’s wrong .. I’m not saying I hate her, nor do I like her either.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for the completely nude pics

  • yung pitbull

    Dam mammy!ure gorgeos but u shuldnt b doing this stuff.and i dont think ure a slut but if u keep doing this stuff u probebly will be. yours truly MR 305

  • http://none bri

    God i cant wait till she is 18! she is so close to flashing already! when she is 18 there will probably be full naked pics everywhere!like i said….. i cant wait till she is 18!

  • ca

    WTF you bunch of mugs miley cyrus is a teenager i know loads of girls who do much worse than this and who cares about what she does its her life and why complain WTF are a bunch of twats like you lot gonna do by writing internet comments on a dumb forum thats not gonna make fuck all difference is it …