Madonna Rips off Kylie Minogue?

Some people seem to think that Madonna has made a habit of ripping off Kylie Minogue. The latest reported evidence, her recent cover for Hard Candy.

Madonna Rips off Kylie Minogue - Photo - 1

Personally, I don’t see that much in common with the two covers above… but according to Aisha’s Official Website, Madonna’s done this to Kylie, over and over… not to mention, also stealing from many other artists. Click here.

Madonna Rips off Kylie Minogue - Photo - 2

Madonna Rips off Kylie Minogue - Photo - 3

So what do you think… is Madonna a thief?

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  • http://www.flisted.com F-Listed Editor

    Um, yeah… Madonna is a thief. SMH.




  • isa

    omg i am choked.. madonna is my idol but I never saw those pictures

  • zow

    yes madonna for ever is queen of pop iiiincredible!!!

  • http://myspace.com/jacobblambb Jacob Lamb

    madonna is way more amazing than kylie so why does it matter.

  • http://none Madonna fan

    This is total hogwash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fuck all kylie fans…..madonna is the trend setter here and kylie the thief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    end thsi ugly comparison of madnna with this madonna wannabee shit kangaroo buck toothed aussi bitch!

  • helo

    I don’t know if Madonna ripped Kylie off or not, seems like they are both influencing each other in the long run.

    But this “Aisha” person, I just saw her website and she is making a habit of looking for supposed Madonna rip-offs, just to back up her claim that Madonna ripped her off. She claims Madonna has her “copyrighted catalogue” and is ripping off in lyrics, and the entire Hard Candy album is a rip off of her, Aisha’s, lyrics. But the “evidence” she presents is just so stupid you want this person to just get a grip and stop drooling over Madonna’s money.

    She claims she wrote a song called incredible girl and Madonna ripped her off by writing a song called incredible (the lyrics are nothing alike and the theme is totally different). She claims she used sentences like “love yourself”, or “I miss you so” or something THIS original, and Madonna used the same sentences, which by the way are SO unheard of in the day to day life of people!!!!! I mean, it’s like suing someone for saying “I love you” in a song,m it’s so ridiculous! why did she choose Madonna, huh? Why didn’t she choose one of the thousands of other musicians who said “I love you” in a song? Maybe because Madonna’s got money coming out of her brains??????

    I’m no Madonna fan, but please Aisha, shut up because you are an embarrassment to yourself!!!

  • ben

    Aishas website borders on slander and goes to pathetic lengths to portray Madonna as a lesser artist! The images you see above are a complete joke, lame attempts by Kylie fans to give their erm idol some much needed credibility……its a joke and they make themselves look desperate!! I mea for god sake….the two album covers Hard Cand and X….X is actually a rip off of Madonnas True Blue single cover from 1986!! Identicle hair and make up AND pose… the 1188 confide nonsense is bollocks!! Confide in me was a lame attempt to mimick Madonnas Erotica and Justify My Love song, the writers said it themselves in an interview and what the hell Madonna and Kylie both wear berets?!!!! Pathetic!! Have you actually seen Kylies last 3 tours?? Fever ripped off Madonnas whole tour concept complete with men dressed as ladies ala Blond Ambition, video interludes ala ALL Madonnas tours, The Showgirl Tour….The Girly Show Tour, both cabaret inspired, the title need i say more and last but not least the X tour….so many segments referred to Madonnas old tour it bordered on plagiarism….the Geisha segment xeroxed from Madonnas drowned world complete with hanging men, the ballroom section in black and white xeroxed from Madonnas Girly Show and the weired eastern segment xeroxed from Madonnas Re-invention tour opener…..her childrens books, her modelling for H&M, Kylies using of Madonnas producers and video directors not to mention Fashion designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Gaultier himself……shes a JOKE!! So please stop all Kylie fans from turning the tables, Kylie has filthed off Madonna for years, the press in Australia and Europe used to write daily about how she lifted from Madonna all the time, she was hated for it!!! Go watch her Lets Get To It Tour from 1991…….it was slammed for copying Blond Ambition, shes a joke with no ideas of her own, whatever Madonna does you can guarantee 2 years later it will be in Kylies tour, i cannot stand her nor her stupid lying fans!

  • bc

    I agree F listed-Editor.

    i like madonna…i have her albums, but to be honest, i like kylie more than I do madonna. madonna needs to retire. like, she should retire with this album. only so long she can try to keep her “youth” image. and she desrves a rest and i’m sure the kids would be happy to have their mother home.

    kylie can troop on because she does not her her age, at all.

    i like them both, but at the moment, kylie is at the top.

    its just an opinion guys. you don’t need to start a cyber fight about it.

  • bc

    and i do believe they do influence each other in the long run.

  • http://yahoo.com brian cooper

    wouldent it be funny if they were secretly best friends and they were laughing at all these comments and enjoying the publisity comming from it cause it keeps them cool and relavent . anyway i love them both. to be hosent i like kylie more becuse out of the two shes the better singer buy far. but i still think people need to stop compairing them they are completly diffrent artist with diffrent styles and opions of expressing them selfs through there music. lets face it some kylie fans are a little upset that madonna has sold more records and is could queen of pop. and madonna fans are upset that kylie has all the better and respectable awards and isnt seen as a slut. both need to be happy with the fact that they both are accomplished and ever girl that came after them are copying them. brit and christina are copying madonna. and beyonce, girls aloud, and rihanna are coping kylie and lady gaga is copying off both.relax guys both are and forever will be queen. madonna of pop kylie queen of dance-pop so just enjoy both.