Paris Hilton & Travis Barker Back On?

File this under Why? Why? Why? I used to have this major crush on Travis Barker, used to! But when he started hooking up with Paris Hilton I ‘quit him’. But, he slowly made his way back onto my good side, when he and Shanna reconciled and they went back to being a cute little alterna-family. BUT, that is over. Shanna & Travis are definitely DUNZO, and it seems that Parasite Paris Hilton has wormed her way back into Travis’ life. The New York Daily News had this little juicy morsel,

Now spies say Hilton, wearing a wig, met up with Barker on Wednesday at the Jet nightclub. Rumors are, they shared a pre-Valentine’s Day kiss.

Stop the madness, doesn’t he understand that if he hooks up with Paris he will never have a chance with me??

Oh well, I guess there’s always Carey Hart...

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