Miley Cyrus Nude Pictures to Surface, Sooner Than We Think

Miley Cyrus Might as Well be Nude - PIC - 1

Miley Cyrus Might as Well be Nude - PIC - 2

What in the hell is wrong with you, Miley Cyrus?

Two new pics claiming to be 15-year-old Miley Cyrus have leaked. They are supposedly from her MySpace. She either needs to remove some untrustworthy friends, or change her password.

I know it’s normal for 15 year olds to do this sort of thing, but you’d think she would have learned from the mistakes her Disney partner, Vanessa Hudgens.


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helena | January 28th, 2008

wtf are you talking about these arent nude

minimee | January 28th, 2008

dumbass miley

Annnnnnnnnnnnn............ | January 28th, 2008

Helena, look at the title
“Miley Cyrus nude pictures TO SURFACE, SOONER THAN WE THINK”

lucas | January 30th, 2008

miley cyrus is a hot babe

michael | January 30th, 2008

thats cool

wolf | January 30th, 2008

plz, this is nuttin, first of all, if she didnt leak dem, den its true, mily, make more den 1 account, second, she aint naked nd its all legal, pluse, girls r girls, especialy teanagers, and she does have wat to show off ;)

krissy | January 31st, 2008

hey look she has hello kitty bed sheets!

jeff | February 1st, 2008

i though it said nude pics. i see no nude pics

shamee | February 1st, 2008

the nude pics we talkin bout are neither soon to come nor ever will come. all ya pervs out there lookin for miley’s nude pics are all gonna be disappointed to find out that the closest you’ll ever get to nude pics of miley is by makin fake ones yourself or waitin for someone to do so. frankly all those celebs who actually did pose nude are the pics you want and why? simply because miley is a girl with a class and so treat her with the friggin respect she deserves. admittedly though she is kinda hot but in a respuctful kinda way.

Maddie && Ashley | February 1st, 2008

OK shut the fuck up she is not like that shes only 15 shes just being a normal teenager like come one leaver her alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( honestly we all know teens around the world probly do that same the )

fred and dunkin | February 1st, 2008

venessa huggeng already dissapionted her fans, we don’t need another disney star going wild. we are sad to say that we are x-fans. this is a bad example for younger fans who look up to her…this is not right!!!!!!!! we are greatly dissapointed, and all we can hope that other disney stars will not follow in her foot steps!

Alex | February 1st, 2008

i cant belive that so would do that what the hell is wrong with u

connor | February 2nd, 2008

she is hoooooooooot

mathea | February 3rd, 2008

She is ugly, i hate her. vanessa is soooo much better than miley. miley is the most ugly girl i ever seen!!

mathea | February 3rd, 2008

She is ugly, i hate her. vanessa is soooo much better than miley. miley is the most ugly girl i ever seen!! hate her

sara | February 3rd, 2008

she needs to get naked for us

riley | February 3rd, 2008

miley cyrus used to be my roll model but now if she keeps this going she is going to end up being another brittney spears. i hope she dosent start drinking and smoking but most of all i hope she wont get naked like vanessa did . i really dont know if she is a good roll model for us kids

sarah | February 3rd, 2008

what were you thinking i thought you were supposed to be a romodel

will | February 5th, 2008

get naked already, everyone knows shes gonna turn into another li lo any ways

Sarah and Misty | February 6th, 2008

What were you thinking those pics are freaken stuiped you said you wanted to be a romodel think again

gggg | February 6th, 2008

what fuck this is bad

Colleene | February 7th, 2008

Miley cyrus is the most uglyest person alive in this world. She has the uglyest body i have every seen she should’int do pics like this cuz it just going to make people sick or for the people already sick it will make then even more sicker and her show hannah montana it’s stupid i mean with or with out the wig i no it’s here i mean the nose the eyes the face it’s all the same and no one can see that wow man that show sucks on ice i hope it gose off the air soon. and she has a big nose big 4head looooong face too shes tall and ugly shes hillbilly eww and her voice no one can stand it not even for 2 sec man ughh well thats all i got to say bout her well for now lol bye guys.

olivia | February 8th, 2008

thats a big rude i think u should cover up more u tramp

Tyler Mullins | February 8th, 2008

Miley Cyrus is SEXY AND HOT!

carla | February 8th, 2008

Just let her be, just because she’s famous doesn’t mean we NEED TO KNOW everything that she does. She’s just like you and me. SO LET HER BE.

Jossie | February 9th, 2008

omg u guys r making WAY 2 big of a deal out of this!!!!!! she’s not naked! i mean cum on!!!!!!!!! i still luv her i mean just cuz sum stupid pictures leaked out u ppl werent gonna b her fans nemore! o n btw i found a miley website that had all the pics of her that were photoshopped by other ppl and werent rly her n these were sum of them so yall can all just get over it bcuz these pics arent miley cyrus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK?

tori | February 9th, 2008

man i never thought Miley would do this she seemed like a good girl but now that half the world knows what she did i wonder what will j=happen next will she loose her job like Vanessa or will she just get yelled at i wonder what her dad thinks about all of this!

Sheri | February 9th, 2008

If this were any of ur friends would u say the same thing to them? Miley is a normal teenage girl? She’s gonna make mistakes like putting “slutty” pictures on her myspace. Stop trashing her because she doesn’t deserve that. Idk if ur all aware but her movie made 29 million ON A SUPERBOWL WEEKEND, which happens to be a record.

jacob | February 9th, 2008

this is hot

jd | February 9th, 2008

u are so sexy miley

nick | February 9th, 2008

that i sexy

Sarah | February 10th, 2008

i like her bedspred,guys dont worry about it shes fine!
ok maybe shes going a lil bit over the top but at least shes got something on!!

chris | February 10th, 2008

is it true that you are pregnent

Steven Titchenell | February 10th, 2008

Relax!!! Myspace doesn’t even allow nude pics. This story can’t be true.

LIBBY | February 10th, 2008


thais | February 10th, 2008

shes not nude!!

cayley | February 10th, 2008

miley is this reallyu if it is im ashemed u have so many fans that look up 2 u

cayley | February 10th, 2008

every one this is not miley some one took her head and put it on some one eleses body she is not that stupid

matt | February 10th, 2008

Miley is just a innocent horny 15 yearold that just needs me to satisfy her. so miley if u want the best guy in the world im free to u!

sexybeast | February 10th, 2008

wow u guys fags

oogala-boogala | February 10th, 2008

what a shame. lost ALL erspect for her!!

it is official….

PimpMaster | February 10th, 2008

Dammmnnnn she is U G L Y

Joey | February 10th, 2008

Yo Miley send me some more of those when you turn 18

yourmomm | February 11th, 2008

woww youu guyss aree fuckingg gayy as helll..mileyy iss pretty & probably MUCH better looking then all of you so shut the fuck up and get over ittt. jesus whatt are youu guyss likee 4 ? shes just pulling up her shirttt… gayy

caterina | February 11th, 2008

miley your my roll model you met me i went toyour concert dont keep this up please dont do more have kids after your merraid you dont want to lose fans like vanessa did and brittany spears im alittle mad at you think of all your fans out there your on tour every concert you have 50,000 kids out there add all your concerts up and youll get over a millin and for all of you perverts out there get a life

alex dipola | February 12th, 2008

Damn Miley your sexy. Just take pics of your self nude already. i want to see your sexy boobs

Anonymous | February 12th, 2008

miley needs to post some nude pics already she is so effin hot and those gorgeous boobs

Anonymous | February 12th, 2008

miley needs to post some nude pics already she is so effin hot and those gorgeous boobs yea and that hot vag

---D"Man--- | February 12th, 2008

u guys idiot miley’s hot so let her have her fun…

ciara | February 12th, 2008

u call this nude this is nothing of nudeness she’s just on with her bikini and just showing off her stomache. thats bull sh*t!!!!!!

Miley Ray Cyrus | February 13th, 2008

heyy anonymous how can u say i need to postt nude pictures huh? wats wrong with u..andd watss that she have nice boobs urr a pervv and i will never post nude picturess u all guyss… and for u to know in this photo i just wear a bikini to sleep and a tshirt.. im just showing the stomagee wathss its wrongg with all u people..

thanks to my fans who support me..

Miley Ray Cyrus

Logan | February 13th, 2008

She is SOOOOOOO hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would go out with her any day. I wish I had disney channel so I could see her more, but my mom cut the cable. GOD DANGIT!!!!!!!!

Logan | February 13th, 2008

Isn’t wearing a bikini to sleep so uncomfortable. I mean I’m a guy, but I would never wear a bikini or my bathing suit to bed any time. Just curious??

Devin | February 13th, 2008

I think my brother is really retarded. he thinks shes so hot but i only think shes pretty. Im not a lesbo. she seems really nice as a person and u know grls can be grls. So all those OTHER girls need to find another website and find someone else to write about. Miley is a good actress and probably a really good daughter. All of u that think miley is a perv are RETARDED!!!!!!!!! Grls will always be grls and theres nothing wrong with that!!!!

[...] least she has her clothes on, [...]

ashli wynn | February 14th, 2008

she didnt get these off her myspace these were from a sleepover with some of her friends so stop starting shit

Mario | February 15th, 2008

Common Leave her alone I know she’s not like that

JP | February 16th, 2008

Yeah shes hot and shes got stuff to show so she will if she wants to and its pretty hot if u ask me i like a girl that shows her stuff especially to me

chachi | February 16th, 2008

these are not nude pikkz you guyz are tottely krazy by thinkin these are nude pikkz look she has clothes on not like the freaken sluts and hoes man

think dumboes!!!

kassy101 | February 17th, 2008

You stupid dumb whore how could you do this to your fans you crazy bitch!!! Does your dad know about this;better yet has he seen this. If I were your mom I’d beet your fifteen year old ass!!!!!

kassy101 | February 17th, 2008

You stupid dumb whore how could you do this to your fans.Does your dad know about this;better yet has he seen this.If I were your mom I’d beat your fifteen year old ass!!!!!

kassy101 | February 17th, 2008

If I were your mom I’d beat your fifteen year old ass!!!!! You stupid whore how could you do this to your fans you crazy bitch.

kassy101 | February 17th, 2008

I really love your show,but you really disappointed me with those photos. You just made me so angry at you.

kala | February 17th, 2008

miley its okay you need to have some fun once an a while

i support you miley

austin | February 17th, 2008

hey miley you are so sexy will you have sex with me

danifandemiley | February 18th, 2008

esta claro de k es una chica muy wapa y una adolescente normal

robert | February 18th, 2008

she should not be doing this i am an uncle so hey she shouold cover up she should wait till she is older to do this

cierra spaulding | February 18th, 2008

i still look up to u miley ur just a teen people need to understand call me

Anonymous | February 18th, 2008

Miley it is not nude pictures so plz stop

lover | February 19th, 2008

i love u miley. show more of naked pic will u. please!

DUN DUNN DUNN | February 19th, 2008

wat happened to the miley when she was younger
some ppl are saying let her and all that shit but like…taking pics like that is called slutty
shes not realli nude…but if she keeps this up……….she’ll probably b the next psris hilton…YEA THATS RITE APRIS HILTON..

Brian Miller | February 20th, 2008

what in the F*** was she thinking i dontunder stand what’s disney in dese day’s omg Miley cyrus Is my kid’s FAVERIT GIRL ON disney now im not going to let my kid’s watch you any more you was thinking like venessa huggeng well just for that you dissapionted me and now im not going to let my kid’s watch you any more

brett the hard one | February 20th, 2008

miley i love you you are so fucking hot i will love you forever

nikki devito | February 20th, 2008

okayyyyyyy shut the fcuk up. i still dont believe that is miley, but who cares if it is. a true fan will be by mileys side no mattter what. everybody once in there life takes sexie pictures. nd those pictures up theree r not nude, so get over yourself. miley is a 15 yr old chick who needs to live life. she has been an amazing role model since day one okay. Vannessa Anne HHudgens was NUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEE okay, and yet she is still a role model for kids. Jamie Lynn Spears is preganttttttttttttttttttt nd she is still a role model for kids. britney spears is a little crazy, but i’ll admit that i still love her and im backing her upp completely. lindsay lohan is a cokeee headd, and a screw up in genrral. Miley cyrus is a normal teenager who wants to live a normal life. and you know what she doesnt give a fuck what people say about herr. because she know whats true and she know whats right. and what makes you so cool that you are posting those pictures. do you have nothing better to do with your lifee. i google miley and your website comes upp. leave her the fck alonee okay.. would yuo like your busniess all over the interent. nd for all the “miley cyrus fans” if you were a true fan you wouldnt he think about leaving her side. thats what makes me a true fan. the fact that im fcking making suree i have what i feel out to defend the girl i look up too. so okay there you go. if u gotta problem with me then post nude pictures of me to. look at my myspace i might have a picture with my skin showing, omgg you post it online that nikki devito is naked. hahaah your pathetic groww up

michaela | February 21st, 2008

i think its rong.

Juan Chavez 63 | February 22nd, 2008

Damn Girl Take It All Off.

marvin | February 22nd, 2008

i will want u in bed one and like juan chavez said take it all off give me your number give it to me at mmarvin98@yahoo.com please please please please please please

[...] would you think is worse. Miley Cyrus posing nude, or… Zac Efron kissing another [...]

Amαndα | February 23rd, 2008

Miley dont put pictures like this on
your so much better than that
you dont need to show off your body
Your beautiful enough .
Dont be like Vanessa Hudgens and where did tht get her people calling her a SLUT & a WHORE ,
dont be like tht

Your beautiful enough,
SEE! all your getting is guys wanting you in bed ?
is that what you want :S
:| i hope not .
Because the miley and hannah montana that we all see is bettter than this ,and its pretty sad that younger children look up to u as a role model now look at you , you look like a trashy young girl .
sorry to say but its true .
My friends and family look up to you ,
ew now look at you :|
anyways ,
alright ,
Take my advice , and yeahh .
Peace ,

i hate shamee | February 24th, 2008

shamee, if u r insulting us abot looking for miley being nude, y are u looking up this pictures u idiot. miley is a hot, famus babe and she should go nude like all the other teens

i hate shamee | February 24th, 2008

and all the chicks that made acomment about her turning into Venessa, who gives a damn and y would u fat whores be looking up Venessa nudein the first place, idoits

tonie | February 24th, 2008

I SEE NIPPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

emmy imma ture miley fan losers! | February 24th, 2008

OMG!! Half the fucken pple on here r prev the other r retards and the rest are what I call ture miley fans! Becuz she NOT NUDE!!! And ur probly the fatest hater she got,that’s why ur trashing on her….huh?? Mad cuz ur not pretty && and u probly can’t sing 4 shit!!if u don’t like her FUCKIN DON’T TALK SHIT!! She is smarter then vassnessa the whore! I used to like nessa but now I don’t….but miley is sooo much smartier okay…miley u rock && I’m a TURE miley fan 4life alrite!!
Gotta problem w what I wrote email me at: emmy_danielsen@tmail.com



zack deal | February 24th, 2008

HEY SEND ME PICS AT zack_deal2000@yahoo.com

lisa | February 24th, 2008

miley thinks she’s hot, but she’s just 15 and everybody knows alot of teenagers make some sort of pictures like that. But miley is going way further than her age.

shanana & jannie | February 24th, 2008

miley u r a peice of poo.
if i were u i would stop because there r crazzy people out there an you might get reaped u
we r still ur fans but if ur become Vennesa Ann H… just go right a head u wll just lose more fans. if ur looking 4 love this is not the way showing naked pics of ur self i would just tell the guy i like him.

shanana & jannie | February 24th, 2008

its shanana & jannie we r only 10 yr old and we dont understand y u r doing this we dont think we can look up 2 u any more booooooooo yaaaaaaaa an you dont know how to drop it like its hoooot. we can teach you how to do the head bobblue thing.yaaaa we went there

jefv | February 24th, 2008

wtf!! is wrong with you she cute just a teen is nnormal shes responsable and she learned about her frien vannesa hudgensa she would no be nude dont be man better go to the fucking hell

danny | February 25th, 2008

i think miley is so fucking hot!

Brandon | February 25th, 2008

Calm down guys its nothing to get excited about, just some pics

joe | February 25th, 2008

its true i had sex with miley cyrus want proof
email me i made a video

david | February 25th, 2008

ok i think she didn’t won’t this online, but now she is screwed.

madison | February 25th, 2008

i think she is sexy but i am a girl

roxy | February 26th, 2008

miley every ones your hannha montah so y r u still looking like her y dont u just b miley will any ways what would ur father say if he saw u mmaby u r beinning like vensass hudgens this need to stop ur a bitch and joe jones is to good gor i woulder what he would say lol yea ur a big fat hore ok

lola | February 26th, 2008

w/e im jealous of her body lol

Wendy | February 27th, 2008

she is fucking ugly and needs to take better pics of her self.

Mr.Me-im 12 | February 27th, 2008

why wont she just show her fuckin tits already we all know that she is gonna do it.shes already even acting lesbian with vinessa hudgens.why wont miley just fuckin be like her.

Mr.Me-im 12 | February 27th, 2008

avril livigne is more hot then her.the only fuckin thing that even makes alot of people her fans is her pointy tits

Back-Lash Boy | February 27th, 2008

i agree with every thing Mr.Me-im 12 says

luchii | February 27th, 2008

miley es puta!

Mr.Me-im 12 | February 27th, 2008

atleast someone agrees with me

Mr.Me-im 12 | February 27th, 2008

and about what wendy says,,, i think shes right miley is fuckin ugly and need to take better pritures of herself

Mr.Me-im 12 | February 27th, 2008

even i look more sexier than miley

i hate shamme | February 27th, 2008

emma u faggit, i’m a guy y else would i be looking up miley naked u stupid bitch…everyone read quote 83 and tell me that she is a fat, lez, whore……i’m a fan of seeing miley nude 2 but u don’t have to call us perves if ur looking at fucking pictures aswell too,whore………………………………………………MR.ME-I’M UR RIGHT SHE HAS THE NICEST NIPPLES ON A 15 YEAR OLD BODY,

jay | February 28th, 2008

fuck this is not happing this is not good i love miley but she is 15 years old and she is going through that stage im there my self but why is she doing this i do not know..

what is happing to young stars these days…

Mr.Me-im 12 | February 28th, 2008

atleast shamme agrees with me

Mr.Me-im 12 | February 28th, 2008

i check this site every day….
dont be afraid to agree with me i check to see if poeple agree with me….
i want people to agree with me but so far i only have 1 agreement…make more agreements about the niplles

Mr.Me-im 12 | February 28th, 2008

all boys go to this site

somebody | February 28th, 2008

i hate miley cyrus

somebody | February 28th, 2008

she so gay

cristina | February 29th, 2008

shut up you alll
first she’s not nude
second don’t you see that all this is being maked by the media?these fotos are not reals
the media make those fotos and pute miley cyrus eyes etc….
o make people just believe in that
if they want they could do that with you all
but they don’t do
because you all aren’t famous
so be attention because the media is a big liar

I love Miley....Natasha | February 29th, 2008

leave miley alone! jeez she’s not even naked. I would probably do that to if i had a nice body. OK.
and how the heck do we know if its her anyway. Theres posers and photoshop. OK. Now leave her alone. She’s still a good role model. Even if these are her pics. I will believe they her when she admits it. I dont think its her. And Miley will come forward and we will find out the truth. NOW LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! and she’s not the next britney or lindsey or paris!

MAEGEN | February 29th, 2008


Rustin | March 1st, 2008

Ifuckin think ur soooooooooooooooo hot but i actualy want to see u naked

Anonymous | March 1st, 2008

I don’t get why everyone says she is gonna end up like britney! please don’t jugde her allready! pictures like this leaks out all the time. like vanessa hugdens. my friend is a real fan of her. the nude pictures of vanessa was years old. she sent it to her old boyfriend, and when she got famous, he put them on the internet.

br-ad | March 1st, 2008

look at how perly her nipples is on top pic lol

zc | March 1st, 2008

omg i do not believe this,but wow those r awsome

Mr.Me-im 12 | March 1st, 2008


paula | March 2nd, 2008

what a fuckin

paula | March 2nd, 2008

her lil azz soon or later is guna get reaped and theres no stoppin that!
hannah montanna get your azz fuckin str-8 o.k fuck we dont need another vannessa fuckinz….

paula | March 2nd, 2008

her lil azz soon or later is guna get reaped and theres no stoppin that!
hannah montanna get your azz fuckin str-8 o.k fuck we dont need another vannessa fuckinz….

????? | March 3rd, 2008

u fukin asses!all of u dont no nothin! u ppl r perverts u should give that up

name should not be mentioned | March 3rd, 2008

all of these people stop trying to see miley cyres naked i have told her about this

name should not be mentioned | March 3rd, 2008

colleene!!!!!!!!!u have no fukin taste!and btw if ur a girl ur a lesbo i mean ur judging miley and u dont even really no her

dl | March 3rd, 2008

she is not nude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
get more pic that is is naked!!!!!!!!!!

dl | March 3rd, 2008

But i still think she is hot, i want to have sex with her

Anonymous | March 3rd, 2008

hotty! take it off miley i would sleep with her

bob | March 3rd, 2008



mileys hot and sexy she should take her clothes off become like vanessa who is also a sexy babe

tyler | March 4th, 2008

i love you

cooney | March 4th, 2008


JJ | March 4th, 2008

hanna ur so hot in ur pics

Mikey | March 6th, 2008

I want to see her naked

Mikey | March 6th, 2008


Mikey | March 6th, 2008


Mikey | March 6th, 2008

yeah let her go nude if she wants to ect. i want to see her nude though

Mikey | March 6th, 2008

i agree with letter 24 check it out i mean she is HOOOOOOT

Mikey | March 6th, 2008

someone respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lily | March 7th, 2008


kyla | March 7th, 2008

Miley cirus is a big slut I thought she was a good girl not girls gone wild on crack

Anonymous | March 8th, 2008

LILy uss a dumb bitch suck a cock u juss sayin that cuz u with u look like dat

Anonymous | March 8th, 2008


B#R#O##C#K | March 8th, 2008

show me more and i love your show and some of your songs

alguien | March 9th, 2008

esta re buena miley cyrus

greg | March 9th, 2008

take it off

Evan | March 10th, 2008

I dont think this is even miley its probably just someone who looks a little like her and you perverts dont know how to treat a lady with respect. like me and the half of these other kids are prolly 15 and under and you pervs are like 40 tryin to find a nude teenage celebrity!!!

abashabalaba | March 11th, 2008


i would not mind some of that

logan | March 11th, 2008

dang miley you have a sexy body…. and ur an awesone person so im here 4 what ever but yeah get more pix

logan | March 11th, 2008

like the nipples tho

lolz | March 12th, 2008

nice abs no boobs lolz

josh | March 12th, 2008


i like miley
she is very talented
i think that all teenagers(girls) take exposing pics
but you fuckin pervs get a life
(and f y i
i got this site in a chian letter,
im not a perv looking for nude pics)
(ill send oyu the e mail if yea want,
it said its about facebook)
so all you dumbass petifiles,
grow some balls and man up
get a girl and stop fantisizing about young chicks

Anonymous | March 13th, 2008

Miley can you get naked then post it on the internet

dylan | March 13th, 2008

dame mileys really hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex | March 13th, 2008

i think its her choice! if she wants to be nude star she should go for it but sometimes its not her choice like people might be paying her to do this, those people who are paying just pop out a check with like 10 F*CKING zeros and a 1 or 2 in from of them who will resist? so of ur brains will go stupid from just seeing all those zeros so ya thats my point also she is a person like all of us all the people who hate her are just too jelusss! because they are to dam lazy to take their asses of the couch and actually do something! also why are you spredding this shit? like seriosly shees like 15 her career is just starting u dont have to F*CK is up for her but if u have a diffrent reson sent it to my email “iparchyne@hotmail.com”

Jesse Green | March 14th, 2008

Myley you are so hot i love you and realy want to get in thoes little panties.

Jesse Green | March 14th, 2008

take a picture of your tight a$$

Jesse Green | March 14th, 2008

you know miley i have made bad choises too. i realy think you great.

I bet you wish you were normal so this wouldnt be blown out so much. I bet you feel realy bad and feel your pain. Just dont disapoint your smaller fans.
Love Jesse B. Your beutiful.

Jhett | March 14th, 2008

Miley if you ever read this somehow I want oyu to know I’m in love with you and one day im gonna meet you and marry you

haylie | March 14th, 2008

i think miley is a fucking bitch and should rot in hell.she’s so damn ugly and her boobs are so fucking little cmon anyone as ugly as her should no better to not put their ugly ass on the internet

haylie | March 14th, 2008


melissa | March 15th, 2008

i luv miley but i thought it said nude its not

annoymus | March 15th, 2008

OMG! Just leave her alone! she’s just being a normal teenager! im sure almost all girls have taken pic’s of themselves like that! i kno i have, just give her a brake

dog dog 13 | March 16th, 2008

i did not mean what i said, i think miley is cool and would not do that and i really do not cuss

o ya | March 16th, 2008

bleh bleh bleh shes flat and she needs to at least get a little hotter if shes going to post pics

kaylee and catherine | March 17th, 2008

Hey Miley.
Me and Catherine really loved you!
But now we think of you as a slut and a lesbian.
So go get a date with Britney Spears and then people can look back and say theres the slut.(+lesbian)

emma | March 17th, 2008


hunter | March 17th, 2008

she should strip until she is but naked

Ura Phag | March 17th, 2008

Wow, someone is a little critical of celebrities, hmmm? It’s amazing how when a girl gets famous, everyone’s all over her ass and prying through her Myspace just to see her screw up. That’s America for you, today.

shelby rowland | March 18th, 2008

when they say nude thats what i want to see you buttnaked

Skyline Gt R | March 18th, 2008

Fcol u guys just leave her alone it’s her choice what she wants to do.But Miley just please think about all the kids that you’ve entertained!Your lettin them down by doin this so just please please THINK about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skyline Gt R | March 18th, 2008

I got 3 simple words…LEAVE MILEY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skyline Gt R | March 18th, 2008

I just dnt no wat 2 think of this literally it’s jst plane rong man!:(

Raghav | March 18th, 2008

These arent nude pics, shes just being a normal teen, Miley cyrus rocks dude! shes awseam, and for those people trying to find nude pics of her…there arent any there are only these ones above, but there not even nude, stupid people just call them nude, and want to ruin her!!

johanan | March 18th, 2008

what the hell man that is not a nude picture.if it was it would be on a porno site

Jim Carrey | March 19th, 2008

Hey Kaylee and Catherine, you mind telling me how these pictures of Miley show her exhibitting any type of homosexual behavior whatsoever? Because when last I checked, the only other girl you see in those pictures of her are Miley herself. I mean, unless in your twisted little book, by posting pictures of yourself on Myspace, by default that must mean you’re sending them to another person of your own sex, personally. Honestly, that’s just like a high school bitch to start some bull shit rumor about someone just because they’re more successful than you are. Go be a couple of jealous bitches elsewhere.

And Haylie, I don’t know if you recall, but Miley is 14. FOUR-FUCKING-TEEN. Of course here boobs are going to be a bit small. Not everyone got breast implants like you at age 12, you bitch.

[...] Sounds pretty simple to me, take away her digital camera! [...]

hunter | March 19th, 2008

ur damn sexy

Triple J and Will | March 20th, 2008

You guys r fucking stupid there are girls alot worse then her at her age that r doing so much worse the only reason ur treating her like this is cuz shes a celebrity. Besides its her personal life let her do whatever the fuck she wants it doesnt affect her shows and singing. People should like her ecause of her acting talents and her voice if theyre true fans. Maybe you guys that are worried about your kids shouldnt expose them to this shit on the web get parental control honestly leave her the fuck alone. If you care bout your kids dont tell them, they dont look at mileys personal life they look at her onscreen, the made up reality so let them look up to her onscreen if you dont like mileys personal life. Why do you care so much what she does for fun. You guys are bitches for giving miley shit bout dis why u so obsessed with this?

mario | March 20th, 2008

damn miley ur so fine dont listen 2 those people their jealous because your the hottest girl they have ever seen.

rosa | March 20th, 2008

miley dont listen to what those people say.You can do whatever you want to do with your life the only 2 persons who can judge your life are your parents and no one else except for u. keep on going with your wonderful life of singing and being a good celebrity.Always your #1 FAN!!!!!

Atley | March 21st, 2008

this dosen’t seem like you your number 1 fan

Atley | March 21st, 2008

YOU ROCK i am listening to you right now i am listening to Rockstar

Atley | March 21st, 2008

your alsome

Atley | March 21st, 2008


Tyler | March 21st, 2008

Girl ur 15, why arent u in a thong yet? geez HOT girls ur age dont were panties anymore!!!

Joshua | March 22nd, 2008

wat #74 said :)

Anonymous | March 22nd, 2008

come on miely just give us the naked pics of ur self already

Mike | March 22nd, 2008

absolutely WOW

Anonymous | March 23rd, 2008

I love her Nipple!;)

leah | March 24th, 2008

omg. i cant believe she would do this.
i used to look up to her, but not anymore!
can you say WHORE!

the original AK rider | March 24th, 2008

hahaha it is pretty easy to tell that these are fake… if you cant see how they are fake ur a fucking douche

anonymus | March 25th, 2008

God, people these days, so perverted. she’s only 15, have some respect for her! We dont want her to end up like vanessa huddgens, (no offence vanessa)

David | March 25th, 2008

You are like so hot, what an ass, and don’t think im trying to sexually harris you cause my other girlfriend did that when i said this

CYPHER | March 26th, 2008

Miley is a 15 yera old girl, who is seemingly slutty. The Disney channel itself is a pretty perverted organization.
1. They have hidden sexual references inside their movies; the same movies your children watch.

2. Miley is trying to be slutty so she can brainwash more and more teens and preteens who look up to her into thinking this behavior is “cool”.

“She got al dat stufs 2 show. Pluse
. . . blah blah blah!”

4. For those of you who look up to Miley as some sort of “idol”, I’d find a new hobby if I were you. Miley will make your life hell if you follow her examples.

5. If you think by acting like Miley you will become famous or well-known, think again. Hollywood is full of crap. People dont become famous by doing drugs or drinking, or posing like MILEY! You might for a second, but after that second is gone; You’ll either be dead, arrested, or getting gang raped by some 6’5 guy named Rocky.

So Miley, if you ever read this, do the “NORMAL” people in this World a favor, and go into hiding, and never come back. And I know I will get slammed for this post by all of the brainwashed fans of Miley, trying to “defend” her, but let me save you some time:

You were going to say one or more of the following:

You suck
Miley rox and your just a fag
Im gonna kill you Cypher
Your just Jealous
Screw You
Well she is more popular than you
Miley is hot let her be
A girl will be a girl
Your a jerk
Your an idiot
etc. . .

These are a few things some of the Miley fans will most likely say about or to me, so I covered it already thanks.

If i left one off, go ahead. I dont care what you have to say.


Nemo!! | March 26th, 2008

lol!! cypher.. you are soooo unbeilveable right!! i splet that wrong oh well.. but yeh.. loved the post!! very true!
peace out

hailey | March 26th, 2008

Miley Cyrus is not a nude those was probaly her privet pictures.So your the nude.

someone | March 27th, 2008

Just leave alone like got she dosent have to go nude if she does not want to and to those that have been calling her names cause she wont get nude fuck you

kyle | March 27th, 2008

omfg miley cyrus is fuckin hot. i wud do her anyday

Bo | March 27th, 2008

Why don’t u just take it all off and show us your tits !

kiahna | March 27th, 2008

miley cyrus is a hoe and u guys r also hoes!!!!

Bo | March 28th, 2008

I see nothing why dont you just take it all off!

yanko44 | March 28th, 2008

all u people r stupid if she wants to pose like that on camera well thats fine its not your decision on wether she wants to or not juz let her learn from her mistaks!!!BUT SHE STILL IS HOT HOT HOT!!!

yanko44 | March 28th, 2008

And how are u a slut if u put pics like dat on there a slut is a person that sleeps with heaps heaps of guys.

konrad | March 28th, 2008

nice nice but we want to see more

Cuwl J | March 29th, 2008

Hey Miley this wasn’t one of your best moments but at least you look hot

Shawn K | March 29th, 2008

You need to show some tits:)

Shawn K | March 29th, 2008

take a photo of yourself completey NAKED:) Plz

brandon | March 29th, 2008

ur sexy miley cyrus

jenny | March 29th, 2008

i didnt think u were a slut!

Hubba-Bubba | March 29th, 2008

Ppl r GAY!¡!¡!¡!¡!

ada | March 30th, 2008

hejhej !! yeh

makeala | March 30th, 2008

just leave miley alone she needs to have fun once an a while and shes not naked shes just showing her stomach you poeple are bitches like that guy who wants miley to gey naked
1.dont say mean things about miley
2.if you are going to cuss about her get off this website and shes not nude just get off the WBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

skylar | March 30th, 2008

miley cyrus is hot but i dont want her to get naked and makela is right you retards who said miley should get naked are gaypihers

Amanda | March 30th, 2008

Come on leave Miley alone that isn’t nude she’s just in her underwear what’s wrong people she’s being a teen and there’s nothing wrong with that is there NO! I really like her and no matter what she does that will never change!

zac luvr | March 31st, 2008

i really don’t like miley cyrus. she has changed so much! first that candy pic and now this? i really think wat people hav been saying is true. she IS the next brittany spears.

Fred | March 31st, 2008

Man u r so freakin hot like that

Anonymous | March 31st, 2008

you people that are talkin bad about Miley
are just ass wipes

kaitlyn | April 1st, 2008

im ur biggest fan but now that i haev seen this im so umbarrased by my friend oh yer im 11 neally 12 on the 6 of agust .
i sill love u thanxs kaity oh and also can u send me a email ty i really want to chat ive neva met u but i have all ur cds and watchers all ur shows and funny thing is i tape them and watch them ova and oav again lov eu kaity

valaris | April 1st, 2008

i have no comment for this picture but quick questtion i understand how the young crowb finds her so great but why the fuck is there like 35-40 year olds chearing for her i mean WTF don’t u old bastards haveanything else 2 do with ur little pathetic excuse for a life

boxing_lad | April 1st, 2008


she is well sexy man


boxing_lad | April 1st, 2008

and i agree wiv number 18 above me

its so f*****n true

steve | April 1st, 2008

not enuff skin yet

Solase | April 1st, 2008

dude all my friends that are girls do that on myspace and they are all around the same age so just chill. they aren’t bitches or anything they just…

well i dunno i’m a guy i have no idea how their minds work
P.S. wish i did tho might make life easier

brad | April 2nd, 2008

miley you are hot

Trish | April 3rd, 2008

the girl on you tube is sico and sick so miley dont listen to her you are a great role model for kids

blow me | April 3rd, 2008

yah shes hot. and i wood like to see NUDE. but im not gunna offend or defend her. she can do whatever the damn hell she wants. but if she dont stop, than shes in deep shit.

shadaie | April 4th, 2008

miley i used to be your biggest fan but know i hate you i used to love you but i hate you know


jen | April 4th, 2008

wow never know she would do that so sad

alexis | April 5th, 2008

i think that if she want’s to be a bad person than she”ll go to hell and that’s her choise.

alexis | April 5th, 2008

i’m not a bad person but if she feel’s that way about her pictures you all have to exept that and i mean it really.

joellee | April 5th, 2008

omg you were my bestest fan ever and you were my idol but no any more you dissapoint me!!!!

awe | April 5th, 2008

you are hot take it off

bryant | April 5th, 2008

you are sexy

zan | April 5th, 2008

take it all off

sean | April 6th, 2008

these dont even look like miley i mean like wtf are these people talking about and what idiot would do this to her any ways u would have to be a real bitch. im there for ya miley

le | April 6th, 2008

yea i think sean is right im there for her too

dan | April 6th, 2008

me two thats what i call a good person who would do anythin

dan | April 6th, 2008

perv id want her to take it all off to but i dont want her cancelled

badget78 | April 7th, 2008

go naked=)

badget78 | April 7th, 2008

i love you miley your so danm sexy i cant take it

A.R | April 8th, 2008

she’s hott!!..leave her alone

A.R | April 8th, 2008

she’s hot

Drake Hunter | April 8th, 2008

hey sexy

Sloan | April 10th, 2008

honestly everyone takes pics like this jus shut the fuck up and leave her alone jus cuz she famous doesnt mean she doesnt take her own pics calm the fuck down!!!


ulysses | April 10th, 2008

hey sexy wat to come to my place im 15

blake | April 11th, 2008

hey sexy you look hot keep it up have you had sex if not have some and send some of your nude photos to the internet

billy bob | April 11th, 2008

just go nude already your mostly naked. really no point on keeping on wearing anything by now

newguy | April 12th, 2008

Man you guys are really crazy let the actors be. come on the act so u can have fun in your free time, but all you do is stalk them and if you find a girl wearing clothes that are a bit free you already start saying they are nude. I mean she is only 15 and 15 year olds love to take pictures of themselfs. I accidently swaped the usb stick with my classmate(which is a girl) and she had a least 1000 photos on it. Its not fair to destroy their life let them also have some thing in the internet that every 15 yeard old has like myspace and dont use it.

trey | April 12th, 2008

i think she is realy hott and what she did was fine i mean she is a teen you cant expect her to be the best most behaved girl in the wolrd can ya ??? im sure you’s have all done something wrong in your lives.

trey | April 12th, 2008

i think that what miley did was fine because she’s a teen and teens can make there own decisions any way all of you’s have done bad things were not all perfect. here’s my msn i-no-fat-tony-97@hotmail.com

raerae1027 | April 12th, 2008

this girl is gonna be the next brittnay Spears

sam | April 12th, 2008

miley has to be COMPLETLY naked

trey | April 13th, 2008

she has to be fully naked its retarted to have a titel saying nude pictures of miley on here shes not fully naked.

mrs. nick jonas | April 14th, 2008

she’s a slutt, just toooo let you know. andddd, she should wear a bra!

chose | April 14th, 2008

miley jveux te mettre din fesse

Hunter | April 15th, 2008

Guys….fucking perverts think this stuff is real……she fucking 15 and not old enough for fucking pornogrophy fags and they problat too picks of her with cthloes on and edits it……

nick jonas is hott | April 16th, 2008

i always hated miley, but liked her show and some of her songs. But che can’t act and shes soo full of herself. So i hope she gets fired she deserves it that bitch

steve | April 16th, 2008

she is hot,but i guess she needs to grow a little yet.

guy | April 17th, 2008

She need to take the close off to be nude

and she needs to make a video

john | April 17th, 2008

she aint nude

justin | April 18th, 2008

that is a sexy body miley

va | April 18th, 2008

stop being such a nasty person look what happen to you

va | April 18th, 2008

you are beautiful but please stopbeing naty and become like normal teens and don’t become like Vanessa Hungens

nh | April 19th, 2008

stop complaining…shes hot…bring on the nude.

kyle | April 19th, 2008

Miley dont lissin to the people that are saying snide comments. Ur better than tht. OMG but i still like u. Ur buitiful And All I Do is admire u. I have a lot aof pixs of u and none of them are nude. I look up to u and why did u do this. Ur not a hore. Veanessa is. I really like u. I’m a boy.Roses r red Violets r blue buitiful as u.


Courtney | April 19th, 2008

Miley me and my friend look up to u. I have all your songs on my mp3 player. Why did u do this? I can understand u go to sleep in this. I Hope to 1 of your conserts.I want to grow up to be like u. Nh is wrong You shouldnt do that dont take on being nude. Mrs. nick Jonas is a Bee-och for calling you a slut. Dont be vanessa hudgens shes a freaken bee-och she sent nude pix to your boy friend.
1.miley your buitiful.
2. Fuckers who think u sould get totally Naked are F’n Bitchessssssssss! Even people who dont like u love u!

Mrs. aol | April 19th, 2008


D-ral | April 19th, 2008

hey sexy want some pics of u naked

you got a sexy bod

send some pics of u having sex

i’d fuck you

emma kinz | April 19th, 2008

there are pg -13 and I HATE HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO I DO NOT CARE WHAT SHE DOES SHE CAN LIVE WITH HER FAT HEAD FAKER SELF SO SHE IS A LOSER i HATE HANNAH MONTANA I WILL HATE HER FOREVER ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emma kinz | April 19th, 2008


madeline corey | April 19th, 2008

people please do not hate Hannah Montana! She cant help it that she cant do stunts that is why she does fake. people from all over the world she is sweat kind funky weird.put your life in Hannah’s her reading these letters saying you hate remember god is listening.

knckles | April 20th, 2008

she cant get any hotter so her sister is hot 2

knckles | April 20th, 2008

who wouldnt bang her

knuckles | April 20th, 2008

ppl thing she will turn into a ho like other but she wont she has ppl that care + girls that have money will prob stay rich .. by the time shes 18 she will have a good time

knuckles | April 20th, 2008

all u guys out there tht want her to get naked .. ur all pervs

lyric | April 20th, 2008

she just wants to be another slutty b****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[...] long ago, I posted some rather risky photos of Miley — I said it was only a matter of time before the nudes surfaced. I still stand by [...]

MiiZz_KiiTA | April 21st, 2008


brandi | April 21st, 2008

miley i think thats stupiud but u know better if u keep it up urgonna end up like brittney spears and i dont want u 2 so stop being stupid and get out there and be a rollmodel[:

durrrrrrrrr | April 22nd, 2008

ahh yeah i have to say not all 15 yr old girls go round showing their tits, otherwise its right to stereotype and say all girls are cock crazed animals, but shit happens hey guys, hopefully she will let some slip and you’ll see some lil mosquito bites for tits or something

chesterdmolester | April 22nd, 2008


Victoria | April 22nd, 2008

miley i was a big fan of yours put now i am not at all u are a fuckin jerk freak ass hole bitch u sooooooooooooo suck.

hola | April 22nd, 2008

hey idiots ever think that this could be a look alike?

jerry | April 22nd, 2008

u guys r lame get a friggin life

Old Perv | April 22nd, 2008

DAMN… keep it up girl, can’t wait for the nudes! Waiting to see the shaved pussy and lil titties…

Keila | April 22nd, 2008


Paul | April 22nd, 2008

Damn you dumbass these arent nude but when she takes nude pics i will be there

Maria | April 22nd, 2008

I think she looks fuckin hott…she is doing what all 15 year olds do these days with there cameras…my sister does it too!!! I just wonder how it got out to the public?

akuma | April 22nd, 2008

can’t wait to see her nude

Maggie | April 22nd, 2008

i think she should not put out these pics, everyone knows shes pretty and even though everyone knows she is gonna turn out to be a brittany spears mini me still doesnt give her a reasin to do this crap!

Anonymous | April 22nd, 2008


Sharly maurera | April 22nd, 2008

Thie girl is crazyyyyyy.. What happent whit you? lindsay lohan the best………..:P:P:P:P:P:P this girl is a loser lindsay lohan the best and sharly maurera you fan nombre one

SMILY CARLEY | April 23rd, 2008


KATIE | April 23rd, 2008


miguel | April 23rd, 2008

miley is hot and eveyone who says to get off this site what are u doing here anyways?

rtagng | April 23rd, 2008

damn she ugly

gilly | April 23rd, 2008

takeitall off

dylan | April 23rd, 2008

she is soooooo hot i hope she does go nude i hope she doesnt start drinking and sruff but i hope she does get nude

tyler h | April 23rd, 2008

your beautiful as hell

patrick | April 24th, 2008

yeah baby your hot keep up the good work dont start drinking and shit pose nude you got the sexiest body i eva seen

Anonymous | April 24th, 2008

YES she is beutiful,but think how she feels about these photos? poor mily.and Mily,personally I stand by you as a fellow sane HUMAN!

alayna | April 25th, 2008

OMFG i thought all the shit about nude pics of my little sisters fav. star the girl she looked up to besides me!!!!! and its all right here miley im ashamed of u ur only what 15?

amy | April 25th, 2008

omg miley what r u doin.there r little girls that are hearing this crap about mileys nude pictures and there like miley would NEVER do.so i went lookin for some trying to prove them wrong and i found 20 sits with all diffrent pictures!!!!!!WHATS WRONG WITH U DONT TURN IN TO BRITTNEY SPEARS PLZ

megan | April 25th, 2008

these arent even nude pics..yah she probably shouldnt be putting these out because shes so young. but they are not a big deall..and for all the guys that are saying..miley is sexy. your all disgusting. shes only 15.

maddie | April 25th, 2008

miley cyrus is a slut!!!

chambers miley words dont describe my love for you i want nothing more but to be your everything | April 25th, 2008

miley words dont describe my love for you i want nothing more but to be your everything

Nicole | April 25th, 2008

This is very sad!! Miley is a big disappointment. There is a difference in embracing your body, and putting on a fake goody two shoes image when in reality you’re posting skanky pics of yourself online. For all the people that say all teens do it: I don’t even have friends that do this and I wouldn’t do it (btw I’m 16) cause I would firstly NOT feel comfortable and secondly, I know that it’s like asking for something bad to happen. “It’s a normal teenage thing” my ass!! That’s no excuse!! You can’t trust anyone these days, and so I want to know how in the hell did she think that she could post these without being exposed. What a dumb ass. If you’re in the public eye of course (so called “private”) things like this are going to come out and bite you on the ass, so why put it out there in the first place?? Keep things as private as you can, that’s pretty much a no brainer. Unless… she WANTS this kind of attention and is too Disneyed up to admit it… I don’t think these pics are at all attractive or flattering. They make her look like trash and even though I pretty much hate her with a passion, I know that she isn’t trash. But it looks like she might get there if she doesn’t seriously think about the consequences of her actions. She needs to make better choices in life or we might just have the next Lindsay Lohan on our hands!!

Oh yah, & I have yet to hear about naked photos of a 15 year old Britney so could ya stop bringing her in this crap?? JEEZ!

cara | April 26th, 2008

omg what ever you stupid people she’s not naked i love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and you people need to stop putting these stupid pictures on here cuz she’s just admireing her body she’s not naked!!!!!

Anonymous | April 26th, 2008


noobin | April 26th, 2008

wow okay all you fags that think she is hot yeah um GO GET A LIFE! and all you girls who are like omgg she is soo gross blahh….seriously stop being jelous lil bitches and just dont look at the photo…I dont see any body parts except for her stomach omg big deal, I have pics on my myspace in a bikini with my friends..what are u gona send me comments saying I look like a whore? Seriouslly get a life all of you

[...] HANNAH MONTANA DISCOVERD INTERWEBZ CLICK ME I am breaking some rules now ain’t i? __________________ "And whenever i do this, i go [...]

nude slut pics | July 18th, 2008

[...] but like??

miley fully naked | July 21st, 2008

[...] read quote 83 and tell me that she is a fat, lez, whore??