Miley Cyrus Nude Pictures to Surface, Sooner Than We Think

Miley Cyrus Might as Well be Nude - PIC - 1

Miley Cyrus Might as Well be Nude - PIC - 2

What in the hell is wrong with you, Miley Cyrus?

Two new pics claiming to be 15-year-old Miley Cyrus have leaked. They are supposedly from her MySpace. She either needs to remove some untrustworthy friends, or change her password.

I know it’s normal for 15 year olds to do this sort of thing, but you’d think she would have learned from the mistakes her Disney partner, Vanessa Hudgens.


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  • http://allieiswierd.com alayna

    OMFG i thought all the shit about nude pics of my little sisters fav. star the girl she looked up to besides me!!!!! and its all right here miley im ashamed of u ur only what 15?

  • http://allieiswierd.com amy

    omg miley what r u doin.there r little girls that are hearing this crap about mileys nude pictures and there like miley would NEVER do.so i went lookin for some trying to prove them wrong and i found 20 sits with all diffrent pictures!!!!!!WHATS WRONG WITH U DONT TURN IN TO BRITTNEY SPEARS PLZ

  • megan

    these arent even nude pics..yah she probably shouldnt be putting these out because shes so young. but they are not a big deall..and for all the guys that are saying..miley is sexy. your all disgusting. shes only 15.

  • maddie

    miley cyrus is a slut!!!

  • chambers miley words dont describe my love for you i want nothing more but to be your everything

    miley words dont describe my love for you i want nothing more but to be your everything

  • http://WWW.Peace,Love,&BushCrabs.STD Nicole

    This is very sad!! Miley is a big disappointment. There is a difference in embracing your body, and putting on a fake goody two shoes image when in reality you’re posting skanky pics of yourself online. For all the people that say all teens do it: I don’t even have friends that do this and I wouldn’t do it (btw I’m 16) cause I would firstly NOT feel comfortable and secondly, I know that it’s like asking for something bad to happen. “It’s a normal teenage thing” my ass!! That’s no excuse!! You can’t trust anyone these days, and so I want to know how in the hell did she think that she could post these without being exposed. What a dumb ass. If you’re in the public eye of course (so called “private”) things like this are going to come out and bite you on the ass, so why put it out there in the first place?? Keep things as private as you can, that’s pretty much a no brainer. Unless… she WANTS this kind of attention and is too Disneyed up to admit it… I don’t think these pics are at all attractive or flattering. They make her look like trash and even though I pretty much hate her with a passion, I know that she isn’t trash. But it looks like she might get there if she doesn’t seriously think about the consequences of her actions. She needs to make better choices in life or we might just have the next Lindsay Lohan on our hands!!

    Oh yah, & I have yet to hear about naked photos of a 15 year old Britney so could ya stop bringing her in this crap?? JEEZ!

  • cara

    omg what ever you stupid people she’s not naked i love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and you people need to stop putting these stupid pictures on here cuz she’s just admireing her body she’s not naked!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • http://aeojfho noobin

    wow okay all you fags that think she is hot yeah um GO GET A LIFE! and all you girls who are like omgg she is soo gross blahh….seriously stop being jelous lil bitches and just dont look at the photo…I dont see any body parts except for her stomach omg big deal, I have pics on my myspace in a bikini with my friends..what are u gona send me comments saying I look like a whore? Seriouslly get a life all of you

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