Kim Kardashian’s 7 Karat Diamond Engagement Ring

Kim Kardashian Engaged to Reggie Bush

The junk that rivals Jennifer Lopez is off the market. New Orleans Saints football player, Reggie Bush, has put a 7 karat diamond engagement ring on the socialite’s finger. They were grinding in the New Year at Mansion in Miami on Monday. No ring was on finger at that time, but a new photo of her wearing the massive rock tells a different story. Sources have also spilled the engagement beans to OK! Magazine. Bush is a mere 22, while Kim is closing in on 30 as she just celebrated her 27 birthday in October. The two have been dating since May 2007 after Paris Hilton hooked the two up.

This is great. Paris Hilton formed relationships are what marriage counselors dream of.


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  • http://speedmonkey.net Speedmonkey

    Who cares…this chick shouldn’t be half as famass as she is.

  • http://xchen.twoday.net Anuschka

    Kim already denied this rumour…???

  • http://hhpyahoo ebony

    hes fine ass hell and shes cute great looking couple

  • Cryssi

    Did anyone notice that the ring is on her RIGHT finger, not the LEFT! And there’s no way they flipped the picture because she’s in the driver’s seat. Therefore, this cannot be a real engagement ring.

  • http://www.diamondstudio.co.za/pages/news/94-happily-ever-after-and-then Gary Diamond

    Well done Cryssi, I did notice that too. It may not be an engagement ring but that is some rock on her finger my other half would go nuts for something like that