Wired Celebrity Look-Alike Contest! – Anne Hathaway Week 1

Browsing through the contestants in the ‘Celebrity Look-Alike‘ contest… I’m beginning to become rather impressed. So… I’ve decided to try and get a few more up today.

Be sure to include your name within your submission, if you wish to have it published on the site. It’s my goal to publish these, somewhat in order of receipt.

Anne Hathaway – Jessica P. Wallin

Wired Celebrity Look-Alike Contest! - Anne Hathaway Week 1 - PIC

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Jenna | December 3rd, 2007

for sure!!! similar lips, eyes and hair (color)

Ashley | December 3rd, 2007


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T | December 3rd, 2007

Jessica looks better than Hathaway!

Jebbica | December 3rd, 2007

Yeah right! I completely disagree on that one, but I love you T, whoever you are! You just made my day! ;-)

confessing7girl | December 4th, 2007

OMG!!!!!!!! yeah totally looks like Hathaway!!!!

ginbean | February 16th, 2008

they kinda look alike but those girls are both scabs they don’t hold a light to anne hathaway they are the less attractive hathaway…Thats what u should call the contest..

belinda | January 9th, 2009

umm…can i send in a pic of my piano teacher? cause it looks way more like hathaway

Laggio | August 16th, 2011

Anne has beautiful bown eyes….this ugly bitch has green…are people blind???????SO STOP SAYING she looks the same….no wonder the system does not work, unbelievable the quantity of pricks morons and wankers out there pal…damn!….