Top 20 Teen Celebrities

Top 20 Teen Celebrities - PICOnce upon a time, it was possible for a child star to get by on an impish smile and cute catchphrase.

Today’s crop of kiddie performers don’t have it so easy; they need to be double or triple threats who not only head up their own shows and/or TV movies, but sing, dance, star on the big screen, sell out concerts and launch clothing lines (despite some occasional personal missteps).

Here we count down the 20 hottest favorites of the teen and tween pack.

Top 20 Teen Celebrities - 20 - Bindi Irwin - PIC

Top 20 Teen Celebrities - 19 - Raven Symone - PIC

Top 20 Teen Celebrities - 18 - Selena Gomez - PIC

Top 20 Teen Celebrities - 17 - Brenda Song - PIC

Top 20 Teen Celebrities - 16 - Keke Palmer - PIC

Top 20 Teen Celebrities - 15 - Sabrina Bryan - PIC

Who’s number one? Find out after the jump!

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  • Anonymous

    boggis Vanessa hudgens is a BIT*H

  • annnnonnnymoussseee

    get more guys on here. and miley is so out.

  • Beth

    I can’t believe “Baby V” came in third. After HSM, her career is D-E-A-D.

    HAHAHAHA her album was a disaster.

  • Anonymous

    where r the real hotties ??????????????

  • Anonymous

    what about the twilight cast and secret life cast their amazing!!

  • http://www.google.com dude

    Where is Shailene Woodley?!!?

  • Lil’ girl

    You don’t have to be so rude

  • matt

    I am so sick of miley.

  • Tyler

    What about Taylor Swift, David Archuletta, dakota fanning?

    your thingo is called “Top 20 Teen Celebrities” not “Top 20 Teen Celebrities from the Disney Channel”

    Sorry, but get your shit straight :)

  • poppasgirl

    ok 4 all u peeps saying weres yhis person???
    look to the left…suprise!!!! its a list of celebs!!!!! so out to all you haters shake your head and when it falls off kick it!!

    p.s. vanessa is AMAZING i dont see you doing any better.

  • mckenzie

    this is old, make a new list.

  • bo

    Loove miley ! ;D

  • charley

    old wear is ppl lyke dakota and people of twilight and miley being 1st i got nothin agenst her i just think she shouldnt of came there and were is demi lovato she should come 1st

  • sarah

    miley shouldnt be 1st she cant even act!

  • sarah

    u can tell its old otherwise demi lovato or jonas brohters would be first!

  • Anonymous

    i think deni lovato and selena gomez should be on the list

  • http://goforfuncd.piczo.com anonymus

    selena and miranda should be number one not miley i suppose 1 selena 2 miranda and 3 miley

  • http://freexboxlivenow.com Free XBox Live

    Miley Cyrus is the most popular though.

  • ♥ItGhurl♥

    dakota isn’t there??She should be the number 1…obviously.,They’re all in Disney…how corny…

  • Anonymous

    hi my name is bbe kf; and i waaant tkktpo tellele u thatata i lolveve mileiy cyrusss she is my iddiol


    hellz nah watabout
    taylor swift shez fuckin awsome!!!!!!

  • RainforestGirl

    HELLO! to who ever posted this ‘list’ I think you need to update it its a tad old! and maybe add some celebs not from the friken disney chanel!

  • ellas4life

    i think you needed 2 post chad michael murray, channing tatum, and more of them….AND miley cyrus is very successfull and really good but i dont htink she should be number 1.

  • http://www.freemicrosoftpointsnow.com Microsoft Points

    I must agree… all my little sister does is watch hannah montana

  • blibbbob x

    they need a new 1 these ppl are like canny old now :) x

  • http://Website Becky

    I am so sick of Miley and everybody else these people are all like disney stars i wish they would have somebody normal in the star world or whatever its called. i just wish they would be normal for once instead of acting like braty people.

  • http://Website annoynemoussss

    true right! sick of miley sooooo much, selena gomes should be number 1 n whoever updated this needs to hav a new update becoz this is sooooooooo old!!

  • http://yahoo mike

    Jennette Mcurdy should be number one or at least in the top twenty

  • Corie W

    Umm……………excuse me wheres the hotties around here!! like Justin Bieber and his little friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe LOL

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    Selena FTW

  • http://freeplaystationcards.info/ PSN

    Raven Symone ftw xD

  • http://Website Anonymous

    how could selena gomez be number18

  • mONICA

    o hell noooooooo!!!!!!! miley fu**ing cyrus should not be number one! it should be justin bieber orr booboo stewaRT

  • http://Website lizette

    miley cyrus is sooo 2008 its all about Selena Gomez,Taylor Swift,Demi Lovato,and ofcourse robert pattinson,taylor lautner,kristen stewart and justin bieber duh!

  • http://Website maggy

    how in the world is selena gomez in the 18th place she should be number 1 not miley cyrus

  • sal girl


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