Jennifer Love Hewitt Launches Plus Sized Fashion Line

Jennifer Love Hewitt Launches Plus Sized Fashion Line

Jennifer has been battling weight comments ever since she went on a beach romp in a bikini. Janice Dickinson has even jumped on the PR wagon and pointed her withered finger at Tyra, calling her fat. In retaliation to the chunky comments, Hewitt has stated that beauty doesn’t come from a dress size. She is right. Neither Tyra nor Jen is “fat.”

“I couldn’t believe the hurtful things that were written about me. One person said the only way my fiancée can make love to me is to roll me in flour and look for the wet spot. That was the last straw. A size 2 is not fat nor will it ever be.”

She has also joined the fashion train and will be launching a line of clothing for plus sized women. Oddly enough the line is called “Orca Fashions.” Just to be clear here…. an orca is a WHALE. The species, most notable as Shamu and Willy, are also called killer whales. The entire line is “basic black” and comes in sizes super petite, triple petite, and sumo petite.

“You don’t have to be a size 2—or even a size 22—in order to be beautiful. If you want to improve your self image, no matter how many scales you’ve flattened, just wade into an Orca bikini and hold your chins up proudly.”

Am I the only one who finds this to be a slap in the face. Plus size or not, who wants to yell from the dressing room…”Hey can you find me the sumo petite Orca bikini?” I appreciate what she is attempting to do here, really I do. However, what moron wants to associate whales and the word sumo in their clothing line aimed at women who obviously are aware of their size? Can I get an Amen?!


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  • http://jebbicarocks.blogspot.com Jebbica

    Double amen! It’s like she’s saying, “even though you’re a huge fat moo-cow, you can still look pretty and should strut your stuff in this tube top and mini skirt, you fatty!”

  • http://speedmonkey.net Speedmonkey

    we’ll promise to stop calling you fat if you promise to stop wearing bikinis.

  • Anonymous

    what’s your source? Doesn’t sound real!

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  • jen

    I’m not sure if you’re too stupid to know this article is fake or you’re trying to fool your retarded readers.

  • livvy

    i think jennifer love hewitt is great
    and i totally support wat shes doing

    but it dosent sound like somthing she would say