David Beckham’s Penis Size Questioned

The Emporio Armani ad that features David Beckham’s crotch on display has raised a few eyebrows. The shots are….intriguing and show a rather considerable bulge. Digital enhancement and airbrushing are a celeb’s best friend. Rumors started to spread that David had a little help from the digital penis enhancement fairy after he sported the bulge below.

David Beckham’s Penis Size Questioned

Victoria Beckham comes to the defense of her man’s manhood. She assures us that the underwear campaign for Armani is all David.

“I’m proud I still have a really good sex life with David. He is very much in proportion. He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is all his. It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!”

An exhaust pipe? That is what I will now think of every time I see David. This gives new meaning to tighty-whiteys. Normally the thought of briefs on man also conjures images of some hefty guy sitting on a bean bag eating Doritos in a frat house. I love when my perception is altered in a positive manner.

[Digital Spy]

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  • Anonymous

    I am david beckham and my nodder is a little fella

  • hkjh

    Ok, first of all, the package area houses both the balls and peen. in situations like this one, you have to ask yourself; ” How much of this bulge is peen?”. if you take a closer look, its easy to see that not a whole lot. its mostly just balls.

  • anonymous

    thats just balls. I have no doubt that he has a large penis, just this is NOT enhanced

  • Ashley

    i like his,yummyy

  • nkjh

    you can look and tell its been edited

  • Anonymous

    all he did was play with it a bit, make it bigger, then… snap, there’s the picture, balls aren’t that big either… and what wife would not say her man is huge.. especially a celebrity… that’s a good bitch

  • Anonymous

    First of all its not all that big. Second of all, its pretty much all just balls, I have a friend, no lie, he’s got the biggest balls youll ever see, therefore hes got a huge bulk, you can tell even if hes standing up, and thats just it, that you have a big bulk doesnt mean you have a big one, its mostly just balls.

  • Anon

    You can see that the bottom bit is mostly balls. His penis goes up to his right, towards the top of his leg. I’m sure david has a large penis, but a lot of this IS just balls.

  • me

    it looks like its mainly balls, but unless he had an erection, you wouldn’t see too much penis anyways. When my guy isn’t hard, it’s kinda small, when he hard that monster grows to 8 1/2 nice and thick. What underwear add would want to show a guy with a hard- on.

  • erin gorsehill

    i think its real and im backing it… to do the photo like that you no that you would have to back that and he can all there for england man big it up.

  • stretford gorsehill

    we all beleave in the big man…. who would not want to roll on them balls, play nice girls… i get shy when I see a little willy but no need to be shy with golden balls (lol) no lie my friend said he did it to put the fans at ease… because he gets groped all the time. orrr poor becks at least we no its a mouth full.

  • http://Website Jason Dean

    Beckam is packing. In the picture though it does seem to be mainly balls. Besides, even if he is small, that body sure makes up for it.

  • http://Website Not you

    To: #10 “me” on July 18, 2009…it is an “ad” not an “add” (as in” addition”).

  • http://allieiswired.com Renna

    THAT’S NOT a penis! It’s OBVIOUSLY his testicles… and by the judge of it, he sure aint Tom Green. :P

  • http://Website demi

    kevin federlines bigger

  • John Dugan

    Stuffed or not, Beckham’s tool has been inspirational for many men. More guys need to keep their members looking good and healthy; regular use of a top flight penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) helps address dry/flaky member skin, odor, redness, loss of sensation, etc.