Brendan Fraser Rocks the ‘John Travolta’ Weave

Brendan Fraser Rocks the ‘John Travolta’ Weave - PIC

Back in 2003, the one time pin-up was thinning rapidly, but as he wrapped filming the third installment of the Mummy franchise in Shanghai yesterday, his long mane had made a rather miraculous comeback.

Yeah… no shit! In fact, his hair looks alarmingly like that of John Travolta… this is NOT a good thing either. As our friends Dlisted points out… it looks like a dead cat.

You have no idea how much this pains me. At one time, I’d say that Brendan … let’s just say it was a just little crush. I had this same feeling when I saw my old high school boyfriend at our 10 year reunion. Aside from all of that, I can’t wait to see the new Mummy… he’ll still melt my cold heart.

source: The mane event: Brendan Fraser’s hair makes a surprise comeback [daily mail]

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  • Falon

    It wouldn’t even matter if Fraser was completly bald. Because every time I see him on tv, or a movie or even on the internet being poked fun at! I see a big heart and a wonderful personality. Fraser will always be extremly handsome in my eyes!

  • http://oohsome.blogspot.com Jodes

    Falon, I feel the same way about Brendan. Gorgeous person. But …the …HAIR. Oh, jaysus, Brendan get rid of that frightful hair piece. I saw him in person, closeup, in Melbourne at the premier of The Mummy, and it was just awful. I could hear a little piece of my girly soul just dying with a strangled cry, deep down.