You think Flying is Bad Now—Just Wait!

You think Flying is Bad Now—Just Wait - PIC

The Parents Television Council wants legislation from Congress which would require all families and unaccompanied minors to sit in “child-safe” areas of a plane. The reason for this is to keep the kids from watching any programming on in flight consoles which show R and PG-13 films as well as any television show that is rated higher than Y-7. In addition to herding all families into one corner of the plane his ideal plan would be for airlines to just totally eliminate all movies and television shows that do not have a family friendly atmosphere.

The PTC is asking for this after recent flights in which the President of the PTC was forced to watch Las Vegas and Desperate Housewives on his personal screen and felt the language and sexuality was way too intense for a flight.

Domestic airlines already censor the crap out of films to remove anything objectionable which is why if you are ever going to fly overseas, make sure you fly an international carrier. They leave in everything. This is what is going to happen if this PTC proposal becomes law. There will be a family section on the plane in which Blues Clues runs in a never ending cycle and the strongest thing that is served is orange juice.

You will see parents that are crying because instead of dealing with just their own copped up, bored out of their minds and hopped up on airport junk food, they will be surrounded by twenty or thirty screaming kids with dads surreptitiously sneaking a nip or two out of the flask he brought with him and filled with duty free liquor and parents seriously contemplating orange juice spiked with Benadryl for all the kids.

You will see the businessman getting restrained with those lovely plastic handcuffs because he was late for his flight and the only seat they had left was dead in the middle of the Disney Zone. After putting up with kids asking him why he had no hair and kicking the seat behind him for four hours, he will snap. Knowing it will mean some prison time, he just doesn’t care. He actually is looking forward to some nice quiet solitary after four hours of kids using his seat as their base camp.

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  • http://celinemar.blogspot.com Celine

    I actually think this is a great idea, that way if you’re not near the “family section,” you don’t have to deal with screaming babies for the entire flight. Now if they’d only soundproof that section, it would be heavenly.

  • Clementines

    If you can’t give up a little apart time from your adult-themed, violent viewing.. for the betterment and comfort of a younger generation, what hell of a normal human are you? And, you don’t fly to watch movies and shows I hope.. k.