Allie’s Wired ‘HOT’ Links – #33


Quincy Jones Gets His Piece of Paris Hilton - PIC

Quincy Jones Gets His Piece of Paris HiltonMollyGood

Karrine Stephans Has a Vagina the Size of… – A Socialites Life

Usher’s Wedding Not Actually Cancelled – Ninja Dude

Lindsay Lohan is a Drunken Idiot, Carjacking Twat – Fatback and Collards

Angelina Jolie is Rehab Bound – Dlisted

Paris Hilton Turned Down By Entourage Star – Celebrity Smack

Kate Beckinsale‘s Con Job – City Rag

Jordan’s New Baby Girl, Looks Like Peter – Seriously? OMG! WTF?

Michael Lohan Demands Drug Test – Bricks and Stones

Britney Spears to Photographer ‘I will f#cking Kill You!’ – Gone Hollywood

Tara Reid‘s Ass, Truly is a Horror – Flisted

Cellulite of the StarsPopbytes

Paris Hilton Orders Hummer Hybrid, they don’t exist – Celebrity Warship

Lindsay Lohan‘s Last Movie, the Worst of 2007 – Jordan is Your Homeboy

Elizabeth Berekley in Bikini & Bastardly ProstiShoes – The Bastardly

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